aion classes guide 2020

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please reply.. the turisin krall are trying to open a gate to the abyss. Edited 8 times, last by Aura (Jul 19th 2020). No mater if you die because of a monster or unfriendly Asmodian/Elyos hand, the result is the same – you are dead. Vulnerability can become a problem for Mages because of their high output of DPS on opponents. There are six primary classes in Aion. They merged and removed mantras, and now Chanters have less mantras than before, making it extremely straightforward to choose a combination. In the past were a lot of small mantras to choose and now only a few with many stats on them. Somehow this is just a guide line doesn't make u should avoid certain classes because this guide said they're too hard to play,I've played every class and I say every class is fun and unique there's no such as too hard class or bad one.Some people might find SM easier than SW.If you can't make up ur mind just try every class I hope this guide helps one way or another.
Why - It's hardest class in Aion to play and not recommended to any beginners to play.Tons of buffs that keep u busy like hell plus rune system plus u need to attack with poison attack from behind and it's the fastest class in game make weaving with sin is nightmarish.Attack animation is extremely fast and it burning power shards like hell.
DPS-wise it is not enough to pass current end-game content without being carried with top 3 classes. Staying back and attacking from behind the Warriors or tanks should give the Mage its opportunity to do major demolition and annihilate entire towns at once. If it's a long fight, then people should know  in advance so that the skills can be coordinated (e.g. How to pick a class from the easiest to the hardest class to play. I caught the attention of this thread and see how they have no idea of the classes and their dps, they have ignored a class that has one of the best dps of the game with the sorcerer, that is the cleric dps, inform and try the classes Before talk Edited August 20, 2018 by Yortus-KT Introduced recently in Aion 4.0, this new primary class, Technist, has a high DPS and great charging skills. Priests are provided with different buffs to place on themselves and other people as well. They stand back afar and do melee damage to enemies and other players alike. So your real DPS will be more than your direct DPS. Obviously against average geared players the chanter is A tier, because the healing is stronger if the damages are lower, but that's not the point here, its only temporary, people will get more and more geared. Why is this? 1. The dmg they deal with their improved blind pursuit chain should be lowered alot. You can be a good DPS even with a regular gear, but you can not be a good DPS with the better gear and a bad rotation of skills. It is a normal mob but it is linked to a hero mob. So they made SM super good at dps plus the utility they benifit the whole team. Aion Online offers gamers a whole new world of undiscovered quests, lands, and classes. If my skills are on CD and/or I'm at the cap, then it's a waste. But for PvP it all depends if you just want to "blow them up" or just "bend him over" or my all time favorite, "what just hit me? My quest are still reamain and i would like to complete those. Aion is an MMORPG distributed by NCsoft and is played worldwide. I've talked about clergy not sorcerer, and you're wrong, who does not do full dps with the sorcer means he does not know how to use skills rotation well. For endgame group pve(74-75) with good ping/etc in Bastion of Souls/ ToE, 1.

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