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The League. They can incinerate their enemies with a simple wave of their hand, or blast them with deadly lightning bolts. Wardens are a versatile class that combines powerful nature magic with potent melee abilities. Chose a Warrior if your looking for someone that likes to get up close and personal and can take a hit. An Off-Tank is usually a hybrid (I’ll discuss that later. Not everything is going to roll over and die. Game » Wardens have also mastered close combat techniques and can easily rip an enemy to shreds. Leveling as a Full healing Healer will be a challenge to say the least, make sure you have some friends around to help you out if you decide to follow that path. The Healer: “Healers have mastered the power of light and depend on their faith to guide their actions. Allods online just added 8.0 which was a big patch but soon 8.1 will be coming which is adding even more to this awesome game. Allods Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set on the fantasy world of Sarnaut, which was once a peaceful and thriving planet, until the Great Cataclysm sturck. They excel at both ranged and close combat techniques, and can deal high amounts of damage to their enemies in a short period of time. If your about to get into a big fight you want to always make sure your most important abilities are ready to go. As a matter of fact as the game progresses it gets more and more challenging. Many people suggest taking each class to level 10, which won’t take very long and is a solid depiction of how each class will play out. Join a guild. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Pros: They are tough as nails, and can even heal themselves when the going is rough. Learn to live with the grind and get it done. It’s Alive!!! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

Roles: Full Healer, Ranged/Melee Dps, Hybrid Dps/Healer, The Warden “Wardens are masters of nature and all the power it holds. Familiarize yourself with the goings on from each area. Get Started
Getting Jumped in Asee-Teph? Develop your hero in an RPG world of ancient China. Pros: They have excellent healing and combat capabilities which make them and extremely versatile class. Cons: As of right now their variety is their weakness, some ways to play the warden are simply much better than others. They are masters of close combat techniques and can use nearly any type of weapon to overpower their foes. 3 months free with 1-year plan, Number of servers: 1,500 Whenever you make a character your race will determine what Archetype you are. Cons: Mental Overload. $39.99 for the first 12 months, Number of IP addresses: 40,000+ With the added ability to camouflage themselves and sneak up on unsuspecting foes, scouts are powerful fighters that few can defeat.”, “Healers have mastered the power of light and depend on their faith to guide their actions. Play a Mage if you want to blast away at your enemies with powerful spells. The League is a democratic society which uses a election and voting system. Low on mana? They have the ability to drain the very life from their enemies and transfer it to their allies, making them extremely proficient at healing many allies at once. They combine an arsenal of Crowd Control effects with defensive abilities that keep them going when the goings rough. They can take on the role of a powerful defender or a devastating blood-letter. Watch your Cooldowns!

Additionally, they can command undead and demonic minions to aid them in battle.”. This can be anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes. Their rivals are imperial Xadaganian, Orcs and Arisen. The Warrior: “Warriors are powerful fighters that have dedicated their lives to perfecting their skills in battle. They are also skilled at confusing their adversaries, and they can even turn an enemy’s power against themselves.”, “Where do I hang the Black Hyenas emblem?”. It’ll be someone that can dps and heal, but won’t do either nearly as well as someone focused on a single area, or It’ll be someone that can tank and dps, and so on. It’s Alive!!! The reason being is that later in the game gear with luck becomes less available and its a stat every class needs. With the added ability to camouflage themselves and sneak up on unsuspecting foes, scouts are powerful fighters that few can defeat.”.
Cons: In general they seem to have taken on a support role for now which may not appeal to many gamers. Make sure before you ask for help in zone chat just take a second to read over the quest. They are also very skilled at protecting their allies, and can easily direct an enemy’s blows to themselves. They are highly valued by their allies for their ability to cast powerful offensive spells and destroy an enemy’s consciousness. Vanquishers (Warrior), Avengers(Paladin), Stalkers(Scout), Inquisitors(Healer), Defilers(Summoner), Mentalists(Psionicist). If you still can’t figure it out then ask the community.

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