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Enormous, outside the, outside Pentonville.

She sent him birthday and Christmas cards, and when in London he had tea with the two of them. AVIS  Oh, they had everything there! Reg’s posting to Orkney detail was independently corroborated by Reg’s son Denis Akam when interviewed by René Weis.

He married the only daughter of the director of the, oh dear, this is taking me back, oh, what Insurance Company, mmmm, was the director of this Insurance Company – I’ll think of the name later on – and they used to do all great things, they had dinner at night here, Saturday nights, on Sunday night, everybody turn[ing] up in evening dress, and all this, that, and the other, well, her father died and then he showed himself for what he was.

My father had to identify her.

My mother was one of those women that if she didn’t like a person, she tried to cover it, as best she could. She’d ‘ve, were they coming from Bywaters?

Well, do you think that Edie was goading him on?

[2], The story of the Ripper being a suspicious lodger had taken hold during the killings and, in October 1888, several newspapers ran stories about a lodger at a house in Batty Street who had allegedly given his landlady a bloodstained shirt to clean and was now wanted by the police.

At Henley’s he was taught to dance by Edith Thompson’s father who was assisted by Avis and, occasionally, by Edith too.

AVIS  and, mmmm, he was talking to her; and she had a tooth that was growing out from the gum here, you see.

AVIS Well, they’d a car come for them, you see. She mentions betting on horses quite a bit, Edie, in her letters. AR  Did Edie know, did Edie know that none of you liked Percy?

Found more than one record for entered Email, You need to confirm this account before you can sign in. AVIS  A lot of them, yes, a lot of them, yes; a lot of them she bought. AVIS  Well, she was stand – she was going along the road one day and he was coming along, because in those days he always walked everywhere.

It was such a bizarrely appropriate story, I would be loath to lose it.

I wouldn’t know.

They found everything: the bills for the acid, the tub where he did his work, and even some plastic dentures that hadn't been eaten up by the acid... [...] The touch that fascinated me didn't take place until years afterward.

AVIS  Well, there was a lot of people inside the church, but I think there’re only twenty at the breakfast.

And her face is fearfully thin, fallen in under the cheekbones’. AR  But you’ve had good health up until then.

AVIS  No, no, you know the High Road of Ilford? AR  Did you, do you remember what you said to her? AR  Yes, I think so, it was, you know, the first two or three that really finished him very quickly.

AR  Because he also said to the police that he never understood how Percy tolerated it. Now then, if it was all quiet, then she’d pop in to see if everything was alright, you see [laughs] … all that kind of thing. AVIS  who came up from that room, I think we came upstairs through another room. Drag images here or select from your computer for Avis Ethel Graydon memorial.

AVIS  We were sitting down there, you see, and I, and I am sure my parents had expected the foreman of the jury to say ‘she wasn’t guilty’. After her conversion to Catholicism Avis and Hitchcock’s sister became close friends and so she inevitably met the by then famous director himself.

No, no, he didn’t come. It is indeed the third turning on the right: Edith and Percy lived at 25 Retreat Road, which in the 1910s and ‘20s was the first house on the corner of Canewdon and Retreat Roads (the present no. AVIS  … and if he’d led her to believe that we were going to be … there’s nothing in it.

there7This is Henley’s W. T. Telegraph Works Co. Ltd. Electric Cable Manufacturers. And he came home and stayed at Dr Wallis’s, where his wife was; and whether he had seen things going on that shouldn’t have been going on and didn’t like it, I don’t know, but he took poison. Sister of Edith J Thompson nee Graydon who was executed on January 9th 1923 for murder.In her will she expressed a wish for mass to be said for members of the Graydon family every 9th January, the anniversary of her sister's death. AVIS  Yes, yes, she had two jobs, you see. AVIS  Well, we came home and I remember making a cup of tea the very first thing.

There was no poison in his body, there was no powdered glass, as they was saying, and there was no this and that, why didn’t he stress that point? AVIS  A hired car, take them to East Ham station, and then caught the train from East Ham to Westcliff. Do you remember? If you have questions, please contact support@findagrave.com. AR  You didn’t go to the ca …[?]

I’ve never forgotten it.

AR  Mmmm … [the] governor’s room is way up in the ….

As Stephane Duckett noted in Hitchcock in Context (2014): As a consequence [of the Edith Thompson case] a number of Hitchcock’s films feature innocent, or more importantly partly innocent women who nevertheless face the full penalty of the law where public opinion in the form of a disapproval of their lifestyle — particularly sexual — plays a significant part in the determination of their culpability.

AR  Where’s the Café Marguerite? That, this is what I can’t understand. She is bound to read your book, and then she'll know for sure.

Avis may also have worked at Henley’s at the same time as Hitchcock.

AVIS  Well, you see, I think my mother, as a woman, you were always the stronger in those, in those times, and I think, you know, she hung on to my dad like a little child. AR  Well what do you think of that evidence that was given in Court? you see.

My father answered this advertisement; and he got a letter back to say would he go to Tott … maybe to Tulse Hill, would he go for an interview? AR  Mmmm … So you are saying he was a coward really? Now that would be, I think, at Louis London’s. I was the last … I was her only bridesmaid, of course; and everybody else had gone to church. AVIS You see, it was a shocking death. The police investigated Winslow's claims and found them to be without basis. AR  But that must have been a bit difficult for Edie to travel into town every day. As far as I can remember, she was not what the … the bright and breezy and fair and airy, an …. AR  Next week [AVIS laughs] Because I’d like you to show me [AVIS laughs] And I intend asking the vicar to get out the register sometimes so I can see it. AVIS  I, I, I as far as I can remember, I think it was a room full of men, I’m not sure. AR  She is now talking actually about Freddy.

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