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SUVs and pickups are the industry’s resale value champions, so no one should be surprised to see the Jeep Gladiator in second place.
The only customers we can think of that might not be delighted by the Telluride are the other carmakers that will inevitably buy one to reverse engineer. Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite: Which is better? That the Macan is the oldest vehicle in Porsche’s lineup and still shines this brightly is a testament to just how high it set the bar. But some cars don’t require a fancy setting to feel exceptional. Our information has been provided by CDL VIP Data and Cap HPI – companies that specialise in predicting residual values. Dynamically, these Porsches are calligraphy pens in a world of driveway mops. This Week: Ridgeline, e-tron's Noises, and More. With seating for seven and a long list of standard equipment, the Turismo will take a family on holiday in relative comfort, although fuel economy and driver appeal aren't its strong suits. The XJ is the large executive saloon for keen drivers, too, as it’s better to drive than anything from the Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Lexus stables. It’s an SUV (the Wrangler) turned into a go-anywhere, adventure-ready pickup. Get one before Kia realizes what it’s done and raises the price. It’s taken Car and Driver 65 years, but we finally get that mantra constantly broadcast by Jeep owners. Don’t panic. We can still do all of those things. The Supra broadcasts what it’s doing in reaction to what you’re doing with the controls as if it had a bullhorn bolted to its dash. The standard eight-speed automatic works so well that we almost don’t miss having a manual gearbox to stir.
The Ram 1500 isn’t just the best truck out there, it’s one of the best vehicles. The Juke was arguably the first small SUV and, while there are more spacious and practical alternatives available now, Nissan’s attempt is still popular. It depreciates a little bit faster than the four-door variant, partly because it’s not as popular, but it’s still well above the industry average. Pricing starts at $33,575, and owners should get 57.2% of their original investment back if they sell it after five years.

We’d pilot these across far expanses of land, ferrying our families and our imaginations to places we’d rather be. The data is based on trade values – it's worth remembering that a dealer's used-car pricing policy might not wholly reflect the trade value of cars on the forecourt. You know what else the Gladiator offers that only a few other 10Besters do? But it isn’t just a pickup; it’s a convertible pickup wagon dreamed up in the vein of an 83-function Swiss Army knife for the road. Unsurprisingly, the top five spots are occupied by tough, go-anywhere trucks built for durability.

This Week: VW Takes Aim at the the Nürburgring. UP NEXT. With accurate steering, a controlled ride, and a carefully crafted interior, the CX-5 compares favorably with entry-level models from BMW and Mercedes. The fact that used examples are worth markedly less than German rivals makes one well worth considering as a good value nearly-new buy. Anyone who has ever shopped for a used Jeep Wrangler, even one that’s well over a decade old, will know firsthand how well it holds its value. We may earn money from the links on this page. A 2019 facelift brought on two new turbo V-6s: S models make do with a 348-hp 3.0-liter V-6, and Macan Turbos get a stonking 434-hp twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6. Few cars split opinion like the Nissan Juke but there are plenty available on the used market for a very good price. You could buy a low-mileage, three-year-old Juke for less than a third of its price when new, despite the fact there’s still a need for diesel among many drivers.

KBB singles out the four-door Unlimited as the model that holds its value best. There’s even a new model coming in 2019, so dealers might be looking to shift their old stock at knockdown prices. The Panda range even encompasses rugged four-wheel-drive models, which are able to scrabble up mountains despite having a small power output.

If someone replaces your beloved Charmin with no-name single ply, you grab a bigger handful and just keep wiping. Ram has made this possible by envisioning the light-duty pickup as a luxurious yet utilitarian carrier of families, fertilizer, and dreams. It carries a base price of $26,050, and it’s expected to retain 60.6% of its value over a five-year period. It’s also a happy everyday driver. It starts at $36,120, and KBB predicts it will keep 56.1% of its value over a five-year period. As the internal-combustion sports car enters what is likely its 11th hour, and as Porsche rushes toward its own electric future, the Boxster and Cayman remain proof that the brand has not abandoned the values that made it great. One of the pillars of 10Best evaluation is mission fulfillment, and if part of a pickup truck’s mission in 2020 is to be as comfortable as it is capable, you’ll do no better than the smart, opulent, and usable Ram 1500.Review, Pricing, and Specs, The new Toyota Supra is one of the world’s best teaching aids for learning to go fast—because it’s also one of the best cars to drive fast, period. The 3.0-litre diesel models boast residual figures far closer to European rivals and can't match the sheer used-car value of the muscular SRT8. It’s their unflinching sense of fun that makes them so easy to love. Driving an Accord has always been a safe and sensible decision. Exclusively offered with four doors, it carries a base price of $33,545, and KBB predicts it will retain 58% of its original value in 2025. Best-value nearly-new cars 2020 Want to avoid the single biggest car-owning expense - depreciation? Entry-level Pop cars are only worth around 27% of their initial value after three years, while even the better-equipped versions only keep around 34%. Today's Grand Cherokee is a pretty sophisticated machine and although it struggles for sales against rivals from BMW, Mercedes and Audi, it has a loyal following of owners who appreciate its straight-talking, all-American persona – not to mention the big power offered by the 6.4-litre V8 SRT8 version. There’s a purity of purpose to both the Boxster and Cayman that defies our best attempts at professional cynicism and makes any journey memorable. Put another way, the vehicle you spend $35,000 on this year will be worth about $13,000 in 2025. That’s alarming, especially considering transaction prices have a tendency to rise over time. The Accord’s dynamic competence is always lying in wait for a discerning driver to wake it.Review, Pricing, and Specs, Secret trail to the beach that only the locals know? The XJ still turns heads, and the interior is an incredibly special place to spend time, even if newer rivals have eclipsed it in terms of design. Consider just how often you adapt and adjust without pause or concern. The 2020 Honda Accord starts at $24,975, so you can add plenty of extras and still stay under $30,000. Our 10Best Cars and 10Best Trucks and SUVs awards are now simply the 10Best awards. What's the Next Big Thing In Safety Tech? Website iSeeCars conducted a similar study and found the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 both keep about 29% of their value after five years. It doesn’t have to be, though. Now there’s an American sports car set up to send more than a few Porschephiles into Chevy stores, a Corvette that’s ready to retake the Coast. The Supra is a killer value on top of being a stellar sports car.

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