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Dubois was known as “The Divided City” back in the very early stages of it growth. The congestion issues in NYC have been raised because there are lots of traffic jam, wasted time, and emission. The possibilities that zoning has offered are no longer dreams since, Congestion and Traffic Pollution in New York City Essay, Congestion and traffic pollution has been a major problem in New York City for years. In this paper I study the actual cause behind the congestion through primary survey and observed the situation of the road at peak hour (9.30am-10.30am). The essay will discuss the importance of good transport system to a developing country and also it explains how a good transport system solves the problem of traffic congestion, reduce the financial costs and environment damages.

The other solution is ‘Peak -hour road pricing’ which make people pay some money to drive on specific roads at specific period of the day Downs (2004).

To … It has a population density of 27, 000 people per square mile (NYC Planning). Finding a solution to traffic congestion could mean a vast improvement in the quality of life in your area. The study released on 25th of May 2012, the results show a huge increase in pollution level that will affect people health and the environment.

If people used more public transportation there would be fewer cars on the road, less congestion, and less traffic pollution. (2011) noticed that, the population of the previously mentioned countries increased rapidly during the last years.

We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. 1. During the late 21st century, NYC deteriorated due to the hubris of mankind and the continued overexploitation of natural resources.

Looking for a flexible role? According to Kaysi et al. Due to traffic jam, extra fuel consumption is a big problem for a developing country like India.

Congestion and traffic pollution has been a major problem in New York City for years. Traffic congestion in many cities around the world is severe. One plausible way would be to promote and offer alternative methods of transportation such as buses, subways, and taxis. Company Registration No: 4964706. Another example, In United Arab Emirates, exactly in Dubai city, the government established an urban rail system that aims to reduce cars’ carbon emissions. According to Mahmud et al.

The most important causes that increase traffic congestion are overpopulation, lack of planning of city road, using private cars widely, road capacity and insufficient and inadequate public transport.

Each city constructed properly solution to reduce or curb traffic jams.

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The major cause leading to traffic congestion is the high number of vehicle which was caused by the population and the development of economy. Another alternative would be to increase toll prices.

There was the Dubois side, quantitatively- in transport sector means a huge impulse for overall economy of country. These are some of the methods that would be viable in decreasing, Property as Feminist Dynamic in Welty's Delta Wedding Essay examples, William Golding's Lord Of The Flies Essay. The second part is the medium-term solution (5-10 years), such as improving the railways and makes it more efficient. The government is buying this extra amount of fuel with hard cash. Moreover, people can have a relief about the impact of pollution on the next generations. Many solutions considered for solving Dhaka traffic congestion. For instance, a high percentage of students said they studied in a noisy environment. Moreover, increasing the number of roads, bike lanes and make a new transit road may help to reduce traffic on the main roads. Plowden and Buchan (1995) states “Freight transport is essential to the modern economy.

This part of the essay demonstrates many causes, effects and possible solutions of traffic congestion problems.

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From the authors’ prospective, one of the major causes of traffic jam in the most cities is ‘poor road traffic management system’. Traffic jams are a case where there are a large number of vehicles close together and they are moving very slow.

2. One of the main causes of traffic congestion in Los Angeles (United States of America) is ‘car culture’, which means many people in the city or county owned private cars (Thisdell, 1993). The amount of pollution, This pollution increases health risks by introducing people to harmful toxins released by cars, specifically in the asthmatic population. New York is a megacity located in the United States of America. Jain, Sharma and Subramanian mentioned that congestion in the United States has increased dramatically since the last twenty-five years, which is the same as many countries that suffering from traffic congestion currently. This control, potential or real, over use and bulk allows a community to take steps toward the relief, and wherever possible, the elimination or prevention of vehicular and pedestrian congestion. This is considered a national loss.

For instance, using the public transport system (railways, buses) and increasing of existing bus routes.

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The committee suggested that ‘Metro’ system, which is a complete project of public transport including underground railways, buses and developing motorways.

The second point is vehicles’ considerations [figure2], which mean vehicle operators, could help to reduce traffic congestion.

The most type of problem that is happening in big cities is traffic congestion. The third factor that causes of traffic congestion is inefficient and inadequate public transport, mainly in Arab countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Oman. This part of the essay demonstrates many causes, effects and possible solutions of traffic congestion problems. Kaysi et al. The second cause that makes traffic congestion is lack of planning of city roads. Dey et al, (2002) mentioned that 86% of the general people who live in Dhaka considered noise pollution are a big issue for them. NYC is a low-lying city located on three islands at the mouth of the Hudson River, 1.0 Introduction As an example of environmental effect, air and noise pollution, which lead people suffering from heart diseases , asthma and lung cancer.

Furthermore, traffic congestion increased due to no underground railway and public transport in Los Angeles.

For example, in Egypt, importing a second-hand car should be less than three years old. An efficient system must provide the customer with a good service at a reasonable cost.” Conversely, with the development of bottleneck in city areas has called into attention to check our capability to bring about distinctive, Xin Niuyue (Newer York), is a bustling metropolis built on the ruins of New York City. Traffic congestion has high impact on smooth traffic which cause limes lose, work opportunity and energy consumption. The transport sector, comprising the railways, road, water and air transport, the demand within the area. The life expectancy of people in New York is around 80 years (

Tourism Free resources to assist you with your university studies! Gridlock is a major cause of traffic problems in Manhattan. Reference this.

In addition, the roads are narrow, lack of Planning of the city’s roads and bad traffic signalling.

Although some people support the traffic jam in Los Angeles, there are, exist everywhere in this world today; whether it is in air, the water, traffic, crowding, or noise.

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