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Several T-shirts, baseball caps, bed sheets, and more all date. Though he is sometimes embarrassed by Goofy's antics, he is still very close to his father. She then watches a dinosaur movie with Pistol, but which is cut short due to a sudden earthquake. Gargoyles: Goliath • Bronx • Demona, Toy Story: Woody • Buzz Lightyear • Alien • Jessie • Bullseye • Bo Peep • Forky • Rex • Duke Caboom • Hamm • Mrs. Nesbit • Zurg In the segment titled "Christmas Maximus", Max has grown up into a young adult. In World of Color: Season of Light, Max appeared in Goofy's segment, in which they overdo it on the Christmas lights and spark a house fire. being mean to Pistol. When the big day arrives, Goofy and Max wind up impressing the whole town as they dance together on the very difficult Tilting Tile Floor. In the end, as Mona finds Goofy's quirks to be charming, Max decides to forget all about his embarrassment and join in the fun as it should be. Goofy begins to understand that Max is growing up, and admits that it happened so fast that he missed it. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack Voice actors: Marcellite Garner • Pinto Colvig • Billy Bletcher • Clarence Nash • Jimmy MacDonald • Bill Thompson • Paul Frees • Wayne Allwine • Tony Anselmo • Russi Taylor • Alan Young • Will Ryan • Bill Farmer • Corey Burton • Tress MacNeille • Jim Cummings • Bret Iwan, Entertainment: Max LIVE: Gettin’ Goofy With It • Mickey presents: "Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris", Secondary Characters: Slick • Debbie • Duke • Duke's Girlfriend • Dutch Spackle • Uncle Bob • Leech • Ringmaster • Biff Fuddled • Spud and Wally • Miss Pennypacker • Rose Beckenbloom • Myron the Bulk • Frank Nutti • Mr. Sludge • Igor • Mr. Hammerhead • Magician's Hat Aladdin: Aladdin • Abu • Genie • Jasmine • Jafar • Sultan • Iago • Rajah

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins • Bert • Penguin Waiter • Carousel Horse When Goofy inadvertently beats Max at the qualifying rounds for the College X-Games (thanks in part to some sneaky cheating by Bradley), Max ends up blowing up at his father, revealing his desires to get away from his father and disowns him completely by telling him to go away and get his own life, sending Goofy into depression.
As a child, he is shown to be very close to his father.

WALL-E: WALL-E • EVE Preparing a makeshift ramp, Max and Dino board P.J. Peg also appeared (miscolored with orange hair and a maroon shirt) in the magazine's sole La Bande à Dingo gag mini-comic (published August 3, 1994 in the 2198th issue), which was presented as a part of the issue's Games section as a "Méli-Mélo" ("Mishmash") game wherein the comic's four panels were shown out of order to let the reader figure out the correct reading order for each panel. and Roxanne. This snoring of his keeps Max up at night and makes the boy forget his movie date with Roxanne one afternoon. In spite of the denial, Max's mannerisms echo Goofy's sometimes including Goofy's laugh and clumsiness. Some Goofy cartoons during his Everyman years depicted Goofy as being a father to a red-nosed Goofy Junior. Bradley ignores what has happened to Tank and continues with the race whilst Goofy and Max help Tank before Max catches up with Bradley and wins the race. In July of 2011, Max (in his Goof Troop design), P.J., and Pistol all made a cameo appearance in the pages of Darkwing Duck issue #14 "Cat-Tastrophe" published by Boom! Goofy is a tall, anthropomorphic dog who typically wears a turtle neck and vest, with pants, shoes, white gloves, and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora. Roxanne accepts and offers to shake hands to make it a deal, but Max instead kisses her, causing them both to laugh. Max is one of the few Disney characters, aside from his best friend PJ and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, child or otherwise, who has actually aged in subsequent appearances. Clumsy but ultimately good-natured, Goofy is one of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck's best friends. Junior's final classic appearance was in "Aquamania". Goofy Junior:Bobby Driscoll (1951-1952)June Foray (1953)Kevin Corcoran (Aquamania)Max Goof:Dana Hill (Goof Troop)Jason Marsden (1995-present)Aaron Lohr (singing)Jeannie Elias (The Spirit of Mickey)Shaun Fleming (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas), To get away from his dad, to teach his dad how to treat him as a cool teenager and a cool adult, As Goofy Junior:George G. Geef (father)Mrs. Geef (mother)His Grandma[2]As Max Goof:G.G.

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