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At least, like a concept/Electric version of it. 2022/23 Mazda CX-20: 1st bad illustration, 2021 Audi Q5 Sportback: another 'coupe' SUV. All the same it’s not hard to imagine Honda pushing similar style boundaries in the US, too. When compared to the various spy shots of the next generation HR-V we have seen earlier, (HERE) it does look a lot like it. Honda, for its part, maintained that it had more exciting electrification in mind, even if the Honda e wasn’t going to be brought to North America.

2022 Genesis GV70: revealing a bit more... Next Nissan Z: new concept around the corner. That’s the new all-electric architecture for batteries and EVs that will underpin SUVs like the GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq, and more.

Since then, we’ve seen Honda and GM ink a deal which will see two new electric Honda models developed using the GM Ultium platform.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept: a familiar angle... Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept: design by committee. 2022 Genesis G90: already an all-new one... All-new generation Infiniti QX60: New teaser. While it hasn’t said what they might be, if the design language being showcased by the upcoming Beijing concept is anything to go by, they could be worth waiting for. 2021 Kia Sorento: the US version is here.

2021 Genesis G70 sedan Vs the current one. When compared to the various spy shots of the next generation HR-V we have seen earlier, it does look a lot like it.

2022 Citroen C5: finally a production version of t... GreatWall Ora Futurist Concept: more pictures! 2021 VW Golf Alltrack: not for us anymore... New small VW SUV for the US: Finally, the 'Sub-Tig... next generation Toyota 86: another illustration, 2019 VW ID.RoomZZ Concept: the production version. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Production model Vs.Concept.

Honda may be hitting reboot on its electric vehicle plans, but if you thought the cutesy Honda e was eye-catching, the automaker could well shock you later this month. It also looks like a brand new design language for Honda. Looking forward to the new HR-V and I hope it retains the practicality of the old one. Lucid's secret 3rd model: Air Coupe, or smaller se... Lucid Air: the production version is here! 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: let's try again... All-new VW Taos: is it the Chinese Tharu? Meanwhile in China: Link & Co Zero Concept. Just one last small teaser before we see the real... Nissan "Z-Proto": close to the real thing. Now, there’s no guarantee that what’s released in China will also be released elsewhere in the world.

Something simple than their current busy stuff would really be welcome.. That is one huge emblem on the front of that thing. In Europe they are unfortunately offering it without CarPlay and Android Auto, otherwise I would have bought one already. At least, like a concept/Electric version of it. Honda will design, brand, and market the two new cars, meanwhile. A new Honda EV concept is being readied for the Beijing Motor Show 2020, and while we’ve only got one teaser for the moment, it’s clear we’ve come a long way from the ill-fated Clarity EV. As we’ve seen from several car companies already, the product portfolio can differ dramatically, with made-for-China vehicles built exclusively for drivers there. The Chinese based studio will be in charge of designing cars for the ..., $149 OFF Dremel 7.5 Amp 4-Inch Ultra-Saw - $69.99 at, ends 6/5, SongSan SS Dolphin: the Chinese 1950's Corvette. 2021 Honda Civic hatchback: Vs. the current model.

We’ll see more of the concept on September 26, Honda says. That, if your memory of discontinued Honda electric sedans fails you, was the third model of the Clarity trio. It also looks like a brand new design language for Honda. With so much GM technology under the hood, it’ll need to work hard to distinguish its two new EVs from the spate of GM-brand models planned for the next few years, not to mention the challenge of coaxing buyers of more traditionally-powered vehicles like the CR-V into all-electric alternatives. While the plug-in hybrid is still offered in the US, and the hydrogen fuel-cell version is for sale in select markets, the pure-electric Clarity EV had its plug pulled back in March.

Tesla announced the opening of a brand new design studio in China. As mentioned a few days ago, Honda will show a brand new Electric concept in China.
The concept is intended to show “the direction of the future mass-production model of the Honda brand’s first EV to be introduced in China,” the automaker says. Gone is the cheeky aesthetic of the Honda e, replaced by a more aggressive, angular look. It wasn’t that much of a surprise, mind. Can't wait to see it though. GM is talking about 400+ miles of range, depending on configuration, which is a whole lot more impressive than what the Clarity EV could manage. The concept is intended to show “the direction of the future mass-production model of the Honda brand’s first EV to be introduced in China,” the automaker says. Chevrolet Trailblazer: test drive coming up, Honda SUV eConcept: preview of the next HR-V. New small Chinese van: cute and modern rendition o... New Honda CR-V Plug-in Hybrid: Not for us... Infiniti QX60 Concept: Vs. the current generation... Infiniti QX60 Monograph Concept: this is it. The 2020 Beijing Auto Show hosted the world premiere of the Honda SUV e:concept, a design study which offers a loose preview of the brand’s first EV to be introduced in China. The automaker is debuting a sleek electric SUV concept at the Beijing Motor Show, the SUV e: Concept, not long after having discontinued the only EV it sold in the U.S. , the Clarity. Honda’s only all-electric car in the US wasn’t exactly turning heads with its mere 89 miles of range on a full charge when the automaker launched it in 2017; three years later, that seemed positively comedic.

Which is nice. New Honda EV Concept: next HR-V Preview? 2021 Mercedes S-Class: early official pictures. Sharp creases to the hood and front bumper, picked out with illuminated light bars and an unapologetically – and lit-up – Honda logo, join futuristic headlamp clusters. 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: another picture of the p... 1995 Mazda Mystere Convertible: what could have been.

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