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Misconceptions about the brain hitting the inner skull to elicit a concussion are the result of an outdated theory.

They thrive on attention. Not only is GGG a world-class counterpuncher but his ability to eat up punches is simply masterclass.

He is also the writer and publisher of The Oriental's Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction. The ability to take a punch, in fact, does not have anything to do with the structure of your jawline at all! The more shocking the better.


I’ve found the best way to deal with those people is ignore them. “You don’t go back to square one each time you recover from concussion, the brain does retain some of that change due to the concussion.
Not unless he became truly onerous. Fighter age doesn’t really matter, but how many concussions they’ve already sustained matters a great deal. You can try that if you want, but that’s not really what we’re here to discuss today.

Remember to hold each position for a period of up to 3 or 5 seconds and do 10 sets each. So it doesn’t really matter how thick the skull is and, in fact, that’s why helmets don’t really protect from concussions. work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! After the second, it rises further, and so on.

Its always worked out well for me.

It’s still better to wreck your shoulders than to wreck your back with deadlifts and squats. maybe I need to go seek out action.. lol.. Chin untested. Anybody who follows combat sports will have heard terms related to this phenomenon: “good chin”, “hard chin”, “iron jaw”, “glass jaw”, and so forth. He also mentioned that loss of motor control (for example a fighter’s legs going out from under them) was “suggestive of a concussion.”. You can use it for front and back movement. If you haven’t, then let me describe it to you – it feels like time stands still and everything is frozen – you’re basically shaken from the impact. Anyone who has wrestled will remember doing extensive training in bridging, as well as neck bridging. With your chin tucked in, try to move your chin in either direction saying No with a head gesture. The fictional Rocky Balboa character of the Rocky franchise epitomizes the concept of a … Who knows? Ultimately, according to Dr. Tator, If a fighter wishes to guard themselves from concussions, the best advice seems to be to get as few of them as possible, to keep their chin tucked, and to bite down on the mouthpiece.

After receiving your first concussion, the chances of sustaining a second rises. Then, cross your arms across your chest. You can either hold the neck bridge for time, or do repetitions, slowly rolling all the way back and then again.

Shows great character and an aptitude for learning lifes lessons the first time round. Remind others that we are still all apes and there is one inside of you to be unleashed. ‘LOL! When that punch lands - and it feels like time stands still for the length of a whole heartbeat - one of two things happens next. KNOCKOUT!. About that time, his girlfriend who lived about 150 yards down the road walked out her front door and when she saw us she called his name, when she did he made the mistake of looking in that direction. When doing this drill, roll your elbows in, with your palms out and thumbs pointing upwards. I understand Roosh. I regard going online to debate as like going into a bar.

ULTRA FITNESS New Punch Bag Chain Hook Heavy Duty Metal Chrome Plated Equipment 4.6 out of 5 stars 20. In the language of fighting the default descriptor for a fighter’s toughness is their iron - or rock-hard - chin, but does science back this up?

Some impacts do make brains slam into the skull, though.

Personally, I believe more in head movement. “Some people concuss at 50 g’s of force, and some people don’t concuss until the force is much higher and we don’t know why there is that variation.”. CSF, the goop that bathes our brain, doesn’t change much from one person to another either, and is thus unlikely to be a factor. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Why did you start a fight with him?’, We had the best,coolest place to have a flat in the whole damn city.

“I don’t believe skull thickness matters. You can use the band, to do angular left and right head movement. “Develop my chin? What about diet? “And that classical condition causes a ‘coup’ and ‘contrecoup’ injury.

as the punch glances off their chin like a hammer sparking off of an anvil. “Linear acceleration is when the brain moves at a different rate from the skull and does hit the inside of the skull,” explained Dr. Tator. Holyfield was the master of this.

As visible in this video below. The majority of the fighters are generally focused on working their neck for primary movement – back to front, front to back.

I’ve never done it (once on Bretbart someone wrote ‘S/He is a c**t’ about a politician & I reported it.)

Another prominent boxing example is Mike Tyson, who was such an aggressive fighter that he trained his chin so to be able to eat up punches. The answer is not what you’d think.

Concussions may not cause those deadly and immediate effects, but any concussion can result in long-term symptoms that can drastically impact the life of a sufferer. They had a concrete driveway going from the road up to the carport with a walkway coming off it going to the front door which left about a 15×15 grassed in area that we used for a ring. That’s how you learn. “The amount of force necessary to cause a concussion goes down as well.”. Getting punched in the face is pretty common in the fighting sport.

Not only is GGG a world-class counterpuncher but his ability to eat up punches is simply masterclass. It is curious that the neck is not evaluated in bodybuilding competitions. ‘Tuck your chin’, is not just a thing that gets barked out, it’s scientifically and medically prudent advice. Training the neck is undoubtedly a great way to improve your ability to take a punch.

For that read: wrecking your rotator cuff tendons. There’s a reason why they call him Iron Mike.

To perform a prone cobra, place your forehead on a rolled-up towel for comfort. When performing these exercises, make sure you’re taking care of the movement.

Stories linger in combat sports about dehydrated fighters increasing their risk of brain damage from brutal weight cuts. Realistically speaking, life’s not a movie.

One of the most prominent examples is that of the McGregor vs Khabib pre-match conference in 2018. “Even if the loss of consciousness is for a split second,” he added.

There are better and safer movements for strengthening your traps and shoulder girdle.

Yet, the brain alone isn’t the only reasons why some fighters have better ‘chins’ or ‘beards’ than others. “If a person’s number of concussions goes up, the susceptibility to concussion goes up,” said Dr. Tator. It involves keeping your jaw closed. If you have read my articles previously such as this, you will already have some background in bridging—it’s an exercise that I have repeatedly advocated, and for good reason.

He swung and I knocked him out with mostly the force of his body moving forward from the miss.
Winning fights is easy.

And you’ll instantly feel the tension on the front of your neck and on your nose. In arguably, Golovkin chin has been his biggest strength. “There’s a huge variation in the tolerance of the brain to concussion,” answered Dr. Tator.

Ditto half the anti-Semites you read. Techniques such as a three-dimensional approach include rotational neck training which can improve your conditioning against a defining blow.

If a re-match is (going to be) good enough for McGregor and Mayweather, it’s good enough for you….and the man you sucker pinched as he tried to protect his innocent girlfriend (…sort of).

“There are a lot of dietary supplements being advertised to protect against concussion, but there’s no evidence that they work,” cautioned Dr. Tator. The thickness of the bones in their skull means nothing. What do you think Amir Khan with an iron chin (or hell even an above average chin) does in boxing? Thing was, I had my great chin. Especially in fighters. “Yes, precisely!” exclaimed Dr. Tator. you are either born with an iron chin or not. This exercise requires you to move your head in a tilting motion. A failure.

So, how can they counter it? !au97: Bridge up with your hips off the ground.


You don’t know who you are until you’ve lost a fight. Y’know how we reveal ourselves without always knowing it?

A man who’s known to have an iron jaw. In this drill, you’re placing a great amount of weight on your neck and so you wouldn’t want it to snap. In arguably, Golovkin chin has been his biggest strength. My son thinks its because I look intimidating but I know many much more intimidating folks that get into fights all the time and I have a terrible temper.

It sure worked for Roy Jones against Virgil Hill. Dempsey was only knocked out once in his career.


​, Exercises to strengthen your neck and overcome a glass jaw, Your Complete Guide to Slipping Punches in Boxing, All Judo Throws For MMA & No Gi BJJ – Japanese Names, Your Complete Guide to The Peek-a-boo Boxing Style, Your Complete Guide To The Hook Kick or Whip Kick, 6 MMA Tactics For Fighting While Going Backwards, 14 Boxing Strategies You Should Learn From Rigondeaux, 12 Terence Crawford Boxing Strategies that make him the most complete boxer, Boxing Footwear Guide: Everything you need to know, Your legs will crumble and you’ll move like you have rubber legs. (This is what fight fans refer to as an Iron Chin).

To understand exactly what a concussion is, it’s important to understand what it isn’t.

Can it be conditioned to improve the strength?

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