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The overall population of this one of the largest states in Nigeria is 3, 259 million people. Kebbi is not only one the largest state in Nigeria, but it also one of the largest dairy product producers in Nigeria. Bauchi State is one of the largest states in Nigeria with total area coverage of 45 837 square kilometers. Borno is the homeland of the Kanuri people in Nigeria. Niger state is the biggest state in Nigeria; it was named after the Niger River. These materials are used for the production of generators, electrodes, crucibles and pencils. It is no surprise, then, that Nigeria got her name from Niger (Niger Area), if that were the case. Kwara State was created on the 27th of May 1967. • Ability to write content according to clients’ requirements And that’s not the farthest journey within the state. During independence in 1960, Oyo state was the most populated state in Nigeria. The capital of the state is Birnin-Kebbi.

The state was initially known for its agriculture before the rise of the Boko Haram Insurgency. See answer here. • Target oriented and able to perform tasks within limited period of time

Below is a list of other states that follow it. • Ability to create unique content from 90% and above The State is considered to be a cradle for the Niger Delta Avengers. That is, among those 36 states you’ll find extremely large ones; some are even much bigger than several countries around the world. It`s one of the largest states in Nigeria by land mass.

One of the most largest state in Nigeria is Zamfara State, which occupies the territory of 39 762 square kilometers. Kaduna State’s economy is apparently not the worst in Nigeria. I mean, it made up 3.3% of Nigerian GDP around 2002 – 2008. In case you are looking for a cheap place to reside in the south-west of Nigeria, Oyo place definitely is for you. Kano State | 9,401,288. The state covers the territory of 36 917 square kilometers. The current governor of Zamfara State is Bello Matawalle, a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). It will surprise you to know that Taraba state was created out of the former Gongola State on 27 August 1991, by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida. The state occupies the territory of 36 825 square kilometers.

Zamfara State is also one of the most populated states in Nigeria with 39,762km² land area. Required fields are marked *. Kaduna state is home to over 60 different ethnic groups in Nigeria. The State’s overall population covers 6 million people while its land mass extends across 57, 790 square kilometers. It is one of the largest with 45,502 km² land area, which makes it the 6th out of 36 states in Nigeria. Kaduna state is a modern industrialized state with more than 80 manufacturing and commercial industries. What Is Lightning Network And How Does It Work? First Bank salary structure: how much First bank pays its workers. Kebbi is the 10th-largest Nigerian by area (36,800 km²).

Kaduna state rear pigs, goats, sheep and cattle. The capital of the state is Yola. It has about 2,294,800 people currently living there. Borno state is a perfect historical attraction site due to the many historical buildings and places reserved from the time of the Borno Empire. It is evident that this is the reason why the state is called Taraba state. Two of Nigeria’s major hydroelectric power stations, the Kainji Dam, and the Shiroro Dam are located in Niger State, The famous Gurara Falls is in Niger State, and Gurara Local Government. The Capital of the State is Maiduguri. I enjoin you to read everything contained in this page carefully to know the top 10 biggest states in Nigeria this 2020. Personal Task Management: How to Keep Up With Your Responsibilities, Top Bitcoin Hardware Wallets: A Comprehensive List. The current executive governor is Abdulfatah Ahmed. This made it top 23 in the list of most populated states.

The state is domimated by Hausas and Fulanis, with Islam as the major religion. Kano state is a Nigerian state which was created on May 27, 1967, from part of the Northern Region. However, in 1991 Yobe was carved out of it, which led to a reduction from its over 100,000 km² land size. Research shows that Kaduna state is the 18th state that was created in Nigeria. It is located in the north-western geopolitical zone of Nigeria and boasts a size of land that is roughly 46,053 km². The state shares boundaries with Jigawa, Gombe, Bauchi and Borno States. Your email address will not be published. Thank you, this is really helpful. It`s related to the top 10 largest state in Nigeria as it`s landmass is 45 502 square kilometers. READ ALSO: What is the smallest state in Nigeria? Yobe State is another powerful and popular state in Nigeria. One of the largest tourist attractions is the Argungu Fishing Festival. The state also provides a large number of cattle. Borno State is in north-eastern Nigeria. I need to save to buy a well finished mansion... Its a start but you have to focus on a niche. The capital of the state is Jalingo. It was created in 1976 to foster the principle of federalism in Nigeria. Being a muslim state, Yobe is one of those places where Sharia law is fully practised. Borno state is Popularly known as the “Home of Peace“. More than 80% of the population of the state is employed in the agricultural sector. As you already know, most of the states in the northwest are Islam. Rank. Research shows that the size of Kwara state has reduced considerably due to the further state creation exercises in Nigeria. Copyright © 2020 Bscholarly LLC | All Rights Reserved. By land mass or surface area, these are the largest in the country. History have it that Kwara State was one of the first state that was created by General Yakubu Gowon in 1967. Igbo states in Nigeria along with their sizes. In Nigeria, Adamawa state stands as 8th in position in terms of land area. If you enjoyed this world, don’t forget to like and share it! The capital of the state is the city of Bauchi. It was created in 1991. Today, Taraba state ranks 33rd in the list of the most populated states in Nigeria.

Bauchi was carved out of the north-eastern state in 1976. Bauchi produces products, like guinea corn, groundnut, millet, rice, and maize. READ ALSO: 8 coldest states in Nigeria during Harmattan. Lagos is so small by surface area that the largest state in Nigeria is bigger than it 22 times. List of over 300 languages / ethnic groups in Nigeria. The state measures about 76,363 km2. By land mass, Niger State is Nigeria‘s biggest state. This table ranks …

Niger state was established in 1976. The current executive governor is Mahmuda Aliyu Shinakafi Abdula-Aziz Abubakar Yari.

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