life and labour of the london poor

And imagine the amazing clamor of all the voices crying out their wares!

I cannot say I've read this from cover to cover, but as a research source on the life and work of nineteenth century Londoners, Mayhew is unparalleled. Largely vivid, first-person accounts from London's underprivileged, combined with fascinating statistics and Mayhew's practical and compassionate views. Pretty much the perfect thing to read during down times at work when I'd already read all the new articles on the guardian (not just the culture and lifestyle sections, mind you!!). There are many digitized editions available wherever free ebooks can be found including Google Books.

In that case, we can't... To see what your friends thought of this book. one of those books that you can read 30 pages one night and be enthralled and the next night only 3 because its just tedious. A comprehensive look at the many vocations of people working the streets of London, ranging from baked potato vendors to prostitutes. i only gave it a 3 due to the repetitiveness, had it been edited differently it would have been a 4 star, There is how I would critique this collection of volumes from a modern perspective, but I will focus more on how it would have been for its time.

Dr Mary L Shannon describes how Henry Mayhew conducted numerous interviews with street-sellers, sweepers and sewer-hunters, in order to share their stories with the reading public. is difficult to use. But mainly, his truly curious (read: peculiar) observations about the debaucheries cherished by these lower classes and his unfulfilled missionary impulses are pretty intriguing.

This was much more readable and enjoyable than I was expecting, and both very funny and kind of depressing in its way. Then there are the criminals - the screeve-fakers, swindlers and burglars who are revealed in all their callous glory. Fairly odd mix of opinion, statistics and personal stories. Finished!!!!! Originating as a series of controversial newspaper articles, the book was written by a London journalist who conducted field interviews with "street types," and synthesized their data into one of those strange, obsessive taxonomies the Victorians loved so much (and for which we love them). Far more than a dry historical record. My only other gripe is the Lowryesque picture on the cover of my Wordsworth edition which is entirely the wrong era, Absolutely fascinating book, providing an insight into the lives and struggles of the 19th century poor. It's a fascinating read with details about how Fleet Street people ("the poor") lived. The majority of the text is listing earnings for each type o.
An excellent companion who enjoys Victorian era fiction and wants a look at life for part of London's population. Where do you keep your genealogy research? The second edition was entitled Life and Labour of the People in London, and was produced in 9 volumes 1892-97. This reads like a documentary rather than a narrative, but I love randomly opening it and delving into this world. One of the co-founders of Punch magazine, Henry Mayhew was a journalist and a social researcher, born in London in 1812.

The want of education among both men and women is deplorable, and I tested it in several instances….Another costermonger, in answer to inquiries said: “I ‘spose you think us ‘riginal coves that you ask.

Having a deep interest in food history, the first-hand accounts by real people such as gingerbread sellers, milk vendors (operating in London parks), sweetstuff makers and suchlike, are priceless. You know the saying: There's no time like the present...unless you're looking for a distraction from the current moment. Mayhew approaches his sociological study of London's poorest quarters in the genres of both picaresque and catalogue. Every interview reads like a short novel. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published

And honestly it is far too often that the storyteller is taken with their method instead of with their subject.

This chunk of history is more skillfully wrought than most. I was horrified to discover that I had been ruined, and for some days I was inconsolable, and cried like a child to be killed or sent back to my aunt." Mayhew decided to meticulously chronicle the professions and activities of people living in penury in 1840s London, and that's exactly what he did. A quite extraordinary book - there's just so much (too much, for me) detail about wages, prices, diets, street's full to bursting with information. These included street vendors of fruits, flowers, fish, sundries, meals and snacks.

August 29th 1985 Mayhew has not generally obtained the information from “the people” themselves’ and that the language attributed to the costermongers he interviewed was fabricated or exaggerated, and that they were, as a profession, misrepresented entirely. I read this book in little restaurants and corners while I was working in Peru and tipped at least two very loud, tone-deaf performers in the process of preserving my peace.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. [4], The reversal of the words in the title of the second volume was due to the original title "Life and Labour" being claimed by, British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics and Political Science,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 November 2019, at 20:46.

Mayhew describes two types of street-singers: those who sing really well (so you tip them) and those who sing really badly (so you tip them to make them leave). A necessary read, often grim - in fact , heartbreaking in places - and I had no sentimentalized view of the London of the Victorian age. London Labour and the London Poor is Henry Mayhew’s classic investigation into the lives of nineteenth century street traders, who made their living making, finding and selling things on the streets of London.
Mayhew is enthralled and horrified at the state in which e finds his countrymen.

Mayhew's work is fantastic.

The view is presented in a straightforward unsentimental manner that allows the reader to form his or her own thoughts and. I'd give at most 3-stars, though to the Wordsworth Classics edition's selection of material from the full work.

a lot of info is repeated through different chapters and could probably be edited down to half its size. A treasure. He was one of the co-founders of the satirical and humorous magazine, Escape the Present with These 24 Historical Romances. We cannot, however, on our own authority, charge Mr. Mayhew with having deliberately outstepped the bounds of truth, although we must say that he appears to have drawn somewhat extensively on the credulity of his readers.

An excellent presentation of the underclasses of London during the mid 1800's by a meticulous contemporary author. The extract details a rape: "Of course I was drugged, and so heavily I did not regain consciousness until the next morning. It's impression is cert.

Still this is quite compelling reading.

I have stated elsewhere, that only about one in ten of the regular costermongers is able to read. Start by marking “London Labour and the London Poor” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Within it he identifies various categories and details the details good and bad of their lives including income, working practices and homelife. London Labour and the London Poor is a key work in the development of investigative journalism. One of those books that convinces me that nothing in the world is new. Learn how your comment data is processed. This penetrating selection shows how well he succeeded: the underprivileged of London become extraordinarily and often shockingly alive. Life and Labour of the People in London was a multi-volume book by Charles Booth which provided a survey of the lives and occupations of the working class of late 19th century London.

Well-known journalist Henry Mayhew first published his research into "The Condition and Earnings of Those That Will Work, Cannot Work, and Will Not Work" in the newspaper, and then expanded his work into four volumes. [2], A noteworthy feature of the study was the production of maps describing poverty (see illustration on the right). The work doesn't have much of a central thesis, it just set out to holistically describe how a huge and diverse group of people lived.

150 years later, we can still learn much from his work. A fascinating look at London's working poor and unemployed. The majority of the text is listing earnings for each type of work. There wasn't much you couldn't buy from a street vendor.

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