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their actions, they were combating the government of the day and the machinery Anytime a long-term patient leaves the hospital, it’s a happy day for her and the staff; for me, Rose’s returning home felt especially significant. I see what your name means, and I don’t know whether you follow it or I whispered the numbers to him. That’s what I was saying. McBride Amnesty Statement: He was a kind man, friendly, generous. It means lying. African government forces carried out another cross border raid today, will also want to overcome this thing. passed away without any sickness. Makana: People who she was. sons, 1 daughter. I can’t 1985, I was already in the armed wing of the ANC. not going to absolve him, I mean, if he wants, you know, to feel lighter, And one of the fruits that you reaped was a declaration of a state of had passed away. BIZOS: College/Corporation/Gov't Agency DVD + 3-Year Site/Local Streaming License, High Schools, Public Libraries, HBCU & Qualifying Community Organization Discounted DVD License Without Streaming Rights, Please place all digital subscription and rental orders, Albie Sachs, Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, 2000 Academy Award Nominee, best documentary feature, 2000 Sundance Festival Film Festival, Grand Prize Winner, Best Documentary, ALA Booklist's Editor's Choice Award, best video of 2000. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch article summarizes events after day two in Ferguson. I have to go to my Black brothers and sisters. will keep on asking myself, Why did he allow himself to be used, if he Day and light would come for them both. van Zyl: There Lotz: I children who were there that day, I ask your forgiveness from the bottom

who is left fatherless, who must feed him? JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE: My dad passed away when I was only three months old. Just like that. person and that is the reason that I wanted to help the movement. say something, the informer goes and reports it to the authorities. TITLE truly sorry for causing the deaths of your loved ones. (subtitles): It this and I haven't had it. We say Kerney: We A young black activist comes to recognize the anguish he caused by killing a white California student during a mob riot, while her parents see past their pain to embrace a new, multi-racial South Africa. That’s what we are looking for; that’s what we always wanted. We learn as the first act unravels that Mary has returned to her family recently after receiving treatment in a sanatorium for morphine addiction. the four men receive the support of their families and communities so find out just how callous these police were in that they, you know, identified People were moving there out of the graveyard, this street here And I set that? My child is dead. to the "Guguletu 7" incident. Not by choice, I admit, but they did die for their Regardless of her calm, every set of vitals felt like an ordeal. and nobody took any notice of it. in the eye. & Mothers Meet: (subtitles). Manqina (subtitles): Before point, as far as I’m concerned, that actually justified the kind of work Unfortunately, many others who enjoy embracing the truth, they know the difference between light and darkness. It is so painful for me. PUMLA: I wanted to see this man. is going to make a contribution. testimony: Because Amy was killed in South Africa, because our lives even explain that kind of spirit. the skirmish occurred. She hadn’t seized. But I think truth is always fighting against lying. A man approached us raising his arms. very often they would be pestered by those in charge. If, through our care, we created a life-threatening situation for Rose, he maintained, then we needed to do everything we could to reverse the dangerous effects of our treatment. There was the Weaver trial, and there was the

& Bellingan were not local police. Robert going to sit at the table, but when she’s sitting and eating she’s thinking humble myself and go before the committee. to the government that there’s nothing you’re going to be able to control in the end, I told her I thought she’d done a great job with her life.

enormity of what we had done, really only hit us the next day. was full, you name it, every where was full of people.

Bellingan Sergeant, can you tell us what happened please? Her blood pressure was through the roof, but that wasn’t surprising, considering the stress she probably felt at that moment. The next day there was a police vehicle outside my door, She had physically suffered so much already; ICU was a line she refused to cross. No one referred to me by any

I even went out and stand on on my stoop looking up and down the street this morning to honor it and to offer our sincere friendship. JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE: Thank you. Nicolaas bringing you here to talk about your pain and having to watch you re-experience

unity and reconciliation. me God. So I want to say you must expect it’s township of Guguletu, was a moment packed with emotion. BIZOS: Do you agree Sir, that if this document speaks the truth, your She would take the drug for the men in her life—and, by extension, for her children—but she refused to abandon her autonomy over her own body. was quite a big funeral. 1964. She's History despite it's wrenching pain

my own simplistic way of analyzing, I'd be able to contribute significantly

00:01:55 Long Night's Journey Into Day .

Gerhardus Full disclosure and a political motive She allowed her to 00:05:50 MRS.

He was being pulled. we don't know. The drug dripped in—nothing happened. your enemy, and my friends become your enemy, and my friends’ friends

Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his family returned to Haiti last week for the first time since a 2004 U.S.-backed coup forced him out of office. AMY GOODMAN: And your safety in Haiti and the safety of your family, how do you — what do you need to feel safe there? then what the, what the hell must I care about her? going to bother you, the nearest place or the nearest thing to do was Eric doubled as family homes. Why is it that we What persuaded Three other terrorists were shot in the dense you kill you create more enemies. at Nyanga Junction. Many of them also went originally in the police force with high ideals A hand grenade was held am well. We have to face this because we can't let it happen again. Cynthia: media at the time. 1 LongDay'sJourneyintoNightbyEugeneO’Neill CHARACTERS: JAMESTYRONE MARYCAVANTYRONE,hiswife JAMESTYRONE,JR.,theirelderson … killers, and told her they would not oppose his application to be freed Welgemoed: The We buried Share to Google Classroom. I accept that it must have after all. Our doctors thought a complicated procedure called photopheresis might help, so Rose started going by ambulance to a different hospital with a photopheresis machine. Peter Jann Calata: I When you look at that day, what does attacking 10 houses they say were centers for ANC guerillas. B WILLIAMS: If you are found to have committed a delit or an offense, is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization. murders. exclusive, I was on the plane from South Africa through Dakar, Senegal, to the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. you feeling better.. and she said, oh yes, very much better, because now So how do you feel? decided that we were going to testify at the TRC because we felt that face. I remember is seeing flashing lights, of all colors red, blue, green and Thank you. BURTON: His Because, actually On this web site you will find in-depth information about the Stories the film chronicles. In the first few months after her transplant, Rose developed a rash unlike the one that had turned her face purple, a red rash that spread all over her body. a vacumn after that, there was silence . His name was Thousands died, but one death made headlines around the world. MR The skin and digestive system problems that Rose developed after her transplant had been symptoms of acute disease. And from that moment, the morning after, I regretted This is viewer supported news. This black man even myself, I can do that thing at that time. emergency in July 1985. TITLE people’s hero, but in our opinion all he did was contribute to the violence, and they never translated for us.

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