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Gerard married Elizabeth MURTAGH. Although homesick over that first Christmas, Louise soon grew accustomed to the winter climate.

According to the, (31 March), Mary was 40 years of age, worked in the Woollen Mill as a Weaver and was living with her mother Margaret (60) and sister Ellen (36) at 48 Laraghcon, Lucan, Co. Dublin.

5. Henry, in 29 Newtown Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin aged 64 years. Suitors from the royal houses of Prussia and Denmark were suggested, but Victoria did not want her to marry a foreign prince, and therefore suggested a high-ranking member of the British aristocracy.

, son of Henry Francis BYRNE (1883-1957) and Margaret MOLONEY (1883-1942), He was baptised in St Mary's Chruch, Lucan on Sunday, 19th January 1913. They lived in, , South Circular Road, Dublin and from May 1954 in, , Clonskeagh, Dublin. She died on Sunday, 24 June 1979 in Almonte and was buried in, was born on Thursday, 20 November 1913 in Almonte. , child of Henry CREWE (1879-1943) and Margaret Mary BYRNE (1877-1953), died on 24 March 1915. When her father, the prince consort, died on 14 December 1861, the court went into a long period of mourning, to which with time Louise became unsympathetic. , daughter of Sean DRUMMY ( -1992) and Sheila MYTHEN (1932 - ), was born on (Living) in London.

[92] Her ashes were moved to the Royal Burial Ground, Frogmore near Windsor, on 13 March 1940. [15] She also undertook her share of public and philanthropic duties, for example inaugurating the new North Eastern Hospital for Children in 1867 [16] and launching the ship HMS Druid in 1869.

Louise served as patroness of the Ladies' Educational Association, of the Woman's Protective Immigration Society, of the Society of Decorative Arts and of the Art Association, all of Montreal. The choice had to suit Victoria as well as Louise, and the queen insisted that her daughter's husband should live near her, a promise which had also been extracted from the husband of Helena, Louise's sister. He was buried in 1906 in Deans Grange Cemetery (26/27i4 North). Alice, (Vol. [79] In her will, the queen bequeathed Kent House, on the Osborne Estate, to Louise as a country residence,[80] and gave Osborne Cottage to Louise's youngest sister, Beatrice. She was buried in Deans Grange Cemetery (26/27i4 North). Mary Byrne 1797-1873.

When the woman said that she would have thought so, but was admittedly unsure, Louise replied: "Well take a good look at me now, so you can be sure to know me tomorrow at St.

2, page 507, Dublin South). Marie died on 12 December 2003 in Dublin. [70] Nevertheless, Louise's jealousy did not evaporate completely. , daughter of Alvie CHESNEY (1902-1969) and Mary Margaret BYRNE (1912-1992), was born on 13 December 1941. So also were Daniel, Mary Ellen, Carmel and Arthur. Margaret Byrne died on Saturday, 9 December 1911 (Vol. During the North-West Rebellion of 1885 she sent a certain Dr. Boyd medical supplies and a large fund of money for distribution. Louise was an able sculptor and artist, and several of her sculptures remain today. [64] Beatrice's biographer, Matthew Dennison, claims that in contrast to Beatrice, Louise remained strikingly good looking throughout her forties. Margaret BYRNE and Alvie CHESNEY had the following children: , daughter of James Lawrence BYRNE (1880-1939) and Mary Ann O'HEARE (1884 - 1950), was born on Wednesday, 16 April 1913. [94] Her estate was probated as £239,260, 18 shillings and sixpence, with her debts including 15 shillings for cigarettes.[95]. Ellen died in Tuesday, 22 April 1902. He was cremated on Monday, 10 September 2007. was born in 1914 in Dublin (Vol. , son of John Arthur HARRINGTON (1915-2007) and Elizabeth NOCTOR (1914-1974), was born in (Living) in Dublin (Vol.

Her express instructions were that assistance was to be rendered to friend and foe indiscriminately. He was buried in Deansgrange Cemetery (26/27i4 North).

on (Living) in Dublin. [3] Louise's brother, the prince of Wales, was strongly opposed to a marriage with a non-mediatized noble.

Information recorded by his great grandson, James Byrne (1901-1970) cites his great grandfather as being buried in St Mary's Church Grounds, Lucan, Co. Dublin with 3 month old Henry Mary Byrne who died in 1879. The godparents were Joseph Byrne and Mary Byrne. [1] Lorne was invited to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and accompanied Louise, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Hatherley and Queen Victoria's lady-in-waiting Lady Ely on a drive. When travelling abroad, she often used the alias "Mrs Campbell". Margaret Mary BYRNE and Henry CREWE had the following children: , son of James BYRNE (1855-1933) and Maryanne CREWE (    -1920), was. [2], Byrne married James O'Connell on 1 July 1882. John.

So also were Mary Ellen, Carmel, Arthur and Patrick Joseph. In 1896, he won the South Manchester seat, entering parliament as a Liberal. 2, page 510, Jul-Sep, Dublin North). [91] Following a simple funeral, owing to the war, her remains were cremated at Golders Green Crematorium on 8 December. in Spring Hill, Whitechurch, County Cork.

, daughter of Nicholas LOOMES and Aisling MURTAGH, was born on (Living) in Dublin. , daughter of Denis M PEELO (1929-2011) and Eileen Ita HARRINGTON (1926-1998), was born on 29 October 1963 in Dublin. "[34] But her stay in Canada was unhappy as a result of homesickness, dislike of Ottawa and a bad sleighing accident.

They lived in 11 Sarsfield Terrace, Lucan and sometime after 1916 in 50 Ring Street, Inchicore, Dublin. [24] The new breach in royal tradition caused surprise, especially in Germany, and Queen Victoria wrote to the Queen of Prussia that princes of small impoverished German houses were "very unpopular" in Britain and that Lord Lorne, a "person of distinction at home" with "an independent fortune" was "really no lower in rank than minor German Royalty".[26]. [4] Byrne went to nearby houses, and brought the rest of the group of 15 to witness the apparition, including her siblings, Dominick and Margaret, and her mother. He was from a local village, Becan. [85] Following his death, Louise had a nervous breakdown and suffered from intense loneliness, writing to a friend shortly afterwards: "My loneliness without the Duke is quite terrible. On one occasion, the butler approached her and requested permission to dismiss the second footman, who was late getting out of bed. , son of Denis M PEELO (1929-2011) and Eileen Ita HARRINGTON (1926-1998), was born, (Vol.

William Hanley. [49], She played a major role in the development of the nascent tourism industry of the colony of Bermuda, 770 miles south-east of Nova Scotia. [66] Thus, Beatrice was enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship with her popular husband, which Louise was not. He was.

Cornelius Christopher HARRINGTON (1918-1919), 21. The 1941-42 lists included Hannah (Edna). The 1941-42 list included Hannah (Edna). [6] During the ceremony, the Duchess of Gloucester, one of the few children of King George III who was still alive, forgot where she was, and suddenly got up in the middle of the service and knelt at the queen's feet, much to the queen's horror. The celebrant was Rev.

Alice was buried on Tuesday, 7 May 1946 in Esker Cemetery with her parents (James and Maryanne) and her husband (Thomas). Louise, unlike Lorne and his father, was in favour of Irish Home Rule, and disappointed when he defected from Gladstonian Liberalism to the Liberal Unionists. She married Alvie CHESNEY on Wednesday, 17 August 1938.

[67] Louise may have considered Prince Henry a more appropriate husband for herself. "[83] Meanwhile, Louise's husband, 9th Duke of Argyll since 1900, took his seat in the House of Lords.

In 1878, Lorne was appointed Governor General of Canada, a post he held 1878–1884. [84], Louise spent much of her time at Kent House, and she frequently visited Scotland with her husband. 2, page 591, Apr-Jun, Dublin South), , daughter of Denis M PEELO (1929-2011) and Eileen Ita HARRINGTON (1926-1998), was born on (Living), (Vol. President of the Women's Education Union from 1871. Mary Byrne’s story is the stuff of fairytales and movies. She was buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.

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