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[5], "NavSource Online: Service Ship Photo Archive: AK-85 Nashira",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 August 2020, at 00:30. γ Cap (Nashira) Contents. Are you ready for an all-inclusive spectacular holiday at the beachfront with a private beach in Side, Sorgun, Titreyen Lake coastline? t._e = []; Surface temperature: 564 K. Nashira A 1 a / Rocky body (Landable) Distance to arrival ... Nashira B / F (White) Star (Scoopable) Distance to arrival: 193,333 ls . [10], In Chinese, 壘壁陣 (Lěi Bì Zhèn), meaning Line of Ramparts, refers to an asterism consisting of Gamma Capricorni, Kappa Capricorni, Epsilon Capricorni, Delta Capricorni, Iota Aquarii, Sigma Aquarii, Lambda Aquarii, Phi Aquarii, 27 Piscium, 29 Piscium, 33 Piscium and 30 Piscium. js.src = ""; Rocky, Nashira A 6 A Ring - from p.141 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889. if (d.getElementById(id)) return t;

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Coordinates: 21h 40m 05.5s, −16° 39′ 44″. Based on parallax measurements obtained during the Hipparcos mission, it is about 139 light-years from the Sun. CONTACT US. t = window.twttr || {}; At the eastern end of the "W" that makes Cassiopeia, and at the top of her "Chair," lies third magnitude (3.38) Epsilon Cassiopeiae, appropriately the fifth brightest star in the constellation.The star is full of contradictions. t.ready = function(f) {

Metal Rich, Nashira A 2 A Ring - Discord t._e.push(f); };



However, whatever your preference is, Nashira Resort Hotel offers you an unforgettable opportunity of luxury, comfort and entertainment.

Rocky, Nashira A 3 A Ring - DROP US A LINE!

Did you knew that you can support me on Patreon? Nashira seems to be rotating slowly, only 30 kilometers per second (or more) at the equator. See 2,230 traveler reviews, 2,107 candid photos, and great deals for Nashira Resort Hotel & Aqua-Spa, ranked #4 of 9 hotels in Sorgun and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Among the wide range of room types, if you wish, you can stay in the high comfort suites or in the family room. avoir un ampleur de 3,68, il est le quatrième star plus lumineux que la constellation.

commodities, materials and trade routes in Elite: Metal Rich, Nashira B 8 B Ring -

[A scanned copy can be viewed on this webpage] Gamma (γ) Capricornus, Nashira, is a star in the tail of the Sea Goat. Follow @EDSM_NET

Estimated value: 1,218 cr.

SOCIAL. t._e = []; .twitter-follow-button { [1] The star Nashira presages the bringing of good tidings. offers you not only comfort but also an elegant and classy atmosphere with the unique beauties of the Mediterranean.
Metal Rich, Nashira A 3 B Ring -

Observed Orbital Eccentricities For 391 spectroscopic and visual binaries with known orbital elementsand having B0-F0 IV or V primaries, we collected the derivedeccentricities. Rocky, Fe (19.9%), S (19.1%), C (16.0%), Ni (15.0%), P (10.3%), Cr (8.9%), V (4.9%), As (2.5%), Te (1.5%), W (1.1%), Hg (0.9%), Fe (19.8%), S (19.2%), C (16.2%), Mn (8.2%), Se (3.0%), Ru (1.2%), Sn (1.2%), S (19.3%), P (10.4%), Zn (5.4%), As (2.6%), Sb (1.2%), Fe (19.0%), S (18.5%), C (15.5%), Ni (14.4%), P (9.9%), Cr (8.5%), Ge (5.5%), V (4.7%), Cd (1.5%), Nb (1.3%), Fe (22.9%), Ni (17.3%), S (16.1%), C (13.6%), Mn (9.4%), P (8.7%), V (5.6%), Se (2.5%), Sn (1.5%), Y (1.4%), Hg (1.0%), Fe (19.5%), S (17.3%), Ni (14.7%), C (14.6%), P (9.3%), Cr (8.8%), Mn (8.0%), V (4.8%), Mo (1.3%), Po (0.5%), Fe (19.1%), S (18.6%), C (15.6%), Ni (14.5%), P (10.0%), Cr (8.6%), Mn (7.9%), Sn (1.1%), Tc (0.7%), Fe (19.7%), C (16.1%), Ni (14.9%), Y (1.2%), Fe (18.6%), S (18.1%), C (15.2%), Ni (14.1%), P (9.7%), Cr (8.4%), Mn (7.7%), V (4.6%), Cd (1.4%), Y (1.1%), Fe (32.4%), Ni (24.5%), Cr (14.6%), Mn (13.4%), Zn (8.8%), Nb (2.2%), Sn (2.2%), Ru (2.0%), Fe (19.2%), S (18.7%), C (15.7%), Ge (5.6%), S (19.0%), P (10.2%), Fe (18.5%), S (18.0%), Ni (14.0%), Cr (8.3%), Zn (5.0%), Ru (1.1%), Fe (20.4%), S (19.6%), C (16.5%), Ni (15.4%), P (10.6%), Mn (8.4%), Se (3.1%), Fe (19.4%), Ni (14.6%), Zn (5.3%), S (18.8%), C (15.8%), P (10.1%), Cr (8.7%), Ge (5.7%), C (15.1%), Te (1.4%), Fe (20.3%), S (19.8%), C (16.6%), Ge (5.9%), V (5.0%), Zr (2.4%), Nb (1.4%), Ni (15.1%), S (18.9%), C (15.9%), Hg (0.8%), Fe (19.6%), Ni (14.8%), Mn (8.1%), Fe (18.9%), S (18.4%), C (15.4%), Ni (14.3%), Mn (7.8%), Se (2.9%), Mo (1.2%), Mn (7.6%), P (10.7%), Zn (5.5%), Fe (17.2%), Ni (13.0%), Cr (7.7%), Mn (7.1%), Nb (1.2%), Mo (1.1%), Y (1.0%), Fe (18.7%), Ni (14.2%), W (1.0%), Fe (21.2%), S (20.6%), C (17.3%), Ni (16.0%), P (11.1%), V (5.2%), As (2.7%), Zr (2.5%), Mo (1.4%), Sn (1.3%), Tc (0.8%), Fe (21.0%), S (20.4%), C (17.1%), Ni (15.9%), P (11.0%), Zn (5.7%), Se (3.2%), Ru (1.3%), W (1.2%), Ge (5.4%).
Metallic, Nashira B 6 B Ring -

GitHub Issues tracker var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], every single donation is time for me to do more awesome work for the community! Surface temperature: 564 K. Nashira A 1 a / Rocky body (Landable) Distance to arrival: ... Nashira B / F (White) Star (Scoopable) Distance to arrival: 193,333 ls . The temperature was calculated using information from Morgans @ … Nashira is from Al Sa'd al Nashirah, the Fortunate One, or the Bringer of Good Tidings, which the early Arabs applied to this when taken with delta (δ Deneb Algedi).


Among the wide range of room types, if you wish, you can stay in the high comfort suites or in the family room. return t; Nashira Colour and Temperature Based on the star's spectral type of A7III:mp..., Nashira's colour and type is blue - white giant star. Because of its moderate brightness, Nashira should be easily visible from locations with dark skyes, while it can be barely visible, or not visible at all, from skyes affected by light pollution. vertical-align: middle;

Rocky, Nashira B 4 A Ring - fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);

Rocky, Nashira A 4 B Ring - In medieval times this star was dubbed “the fortunate one”. Toggle navigation. Nashira visual magnitude is 3.68. The plan of the entrance door of Sivas Double Minaret has been implemented. Beta Capricorni (β Cap / β Capricorni, Bêta Capricorni) est un système d'étoiles quintuple [4] de la constellation du Capricorne.Il porte également le nom traditionnel Dabih, qui vient de l'arabe et signifie « bouchers ». The star has a B-V Colour Index of 0.32 which means the star's temperature is about 7,116 Kelvin. }; [12] Consequently, the Chinese name for Gamma Capricorni itself is 壘壁陣三 (Lěi Bì Zhèn sān, English: the Third Star of Line of Ramparts). = id; Our hotel is in the style of Seljuk palace architecture. Rocky, Nashira B 10 A Ring - It is 2.56 degrees south of the ecliptic, so it can be occulted by the Moon, and (rarely) by planets.

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