no i don't want your number no tik tok

A little more info : I originally installed tiktok on my phone & then got a new phone & number because of too many robocalls. I wanna to delete a old acc, but the problem is i cant log in the old acc,pls help me, its argent tq, Hi tictock please help me .I recently lost my phone and I can’t log in into my account.i don’t remember my email address password either…help, Please send views to audions please grow up my, why the f*** did you delete my cousin tiktok with her stamch out and charli d’amelio video is the same thing, Hi I think that you should block tiktok from the website too much children are on it that are not old enough to be on tiktok, How to get more likes nd follows in tiktok, More than 2 weeks ago my video was reported it was since put back up. We are using this tool since last year,and never had any issues. But don’t know how to become a star then check this, revamped filter section and introduced more than 30 filters. . You can see all available TikTok support e-mails on their official contact page.

Your email address will not be published. I don’t want to lose my account. As far as we can tell, TikTok offers support in Indonesian and Vietnamese. It is not completely true. Butt, that is just me hating this topic genre ! TikTok is one of the most popular video creation and editing apps in the world.

The customer support address is [email protected]. The answers you need might already be there. Please Deactivate Adblocker to support us. The support team will do their best to help you. Before contacting support determine if you’ve done any of the following: If you’ve done any of the above or think you may have, beware of that before contacting support. I’ve been trying multiples time to link my phone number to my account and everytime they said my confirmation code was not valid but I was copy and past it so I deleted the appo and reinstall it but now I can’t log in my account and it says my email or phone number are not link to any account. If you think a bit about it, people work hard to achieve badges, crown, and fans on TikTok and what if they suddenly decide to delete TikTok account without thinking of the result? You can ask anything about the app, how the payment system works, and how can you make money using the app. Required fields are marked *. My tiktok got deleted and i don’t even know why and i want it back because i have a lot of tiktok and some of them mean a lot to me. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

How can you control this platform and go to sleep with a clear conciense?.

You copied my Logo you used my design and color and concept this is registered and the theme we must talk i will proceed to sue you with copyright infringement! You might be thinking the same question again and again. My account is mirabaha1, My account has been suspended for over a year and I do not know why it will not allow me to watch tik Tok’s either so if you can help me that would be awesome, OH Please, Get A Real Life. Tik tok also isn’t helping me. I believe my account was suspended in error, because I never violated any community guidelines or I never upload adult, scam , nude, harmful video in my account . It seems impossible to get anybody from TikTok to respond. You can also contact the company via Facebook and other social media platforms. If your advertising campaign on TikTok is underperforming, or if you have any other ad-related issues, send an e-mail containing a detailed explanation of the problem to [email protected]. If not, send an e-mail to one of the addresses we talked about above. Users from Southeast Asia should use this e-mail address: [email protected]. This is what you need to do, How do I download a TikTok video? TikTok is a serious app, and they will do their best to correct any mistakes or issues. If you work for an online magazine or paper and want to learn more details about the app, its features, and the latest news, you can contact the right people at TikTok using this e-mail: [email protected].

Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. A perfect guide to know if someone has blocked you on All European users should use the following e-mail address: [email protected]. 2- Gift Send.

TikTok doesn’t allow fans to send them direct messages on Facebook, but commenting on one of their posts may provoke a response. Again, they will reply in Korean for better understanding. If you’d like to contact TikTok for login issues (i.e. How do I find out why my Daughter’s account has been permanently banned? Here’s How to Fix, How to Stop Instagram from Automatically Zooming, How To Find Someone on Tinder without Opening an Account, How To View Private Facebook Profiles & Pictures [October 2020], How To Find Deleted Friends in the Snapchat App, The Best Tinder Pickup Lines [January 2020], How To Claim an Inactive Instagram Username Account.

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