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In school we read the book “The Outsiders”. found him to be insane due to paranoid schizophrenia. well i have to write a court case oral for school what should i write after this. Physical violence is the only collection method they have. I’d like to have the opening statement done by the 22, but I NEED it done by the 23. it was my client. For example, you have helped me train my self to prepare for a mock trial I have coming up soon. So I guess I would kind of weave those themes in as well as any other additional themes you have. Good points. For example, if you state in your opening that your client had all that cash due to a recent inheritance, your classmate that is questioning the defendant on direct sure as heck better have the word “inheritance” on his outline of questions. A verdict of not guilty doesn’t even mean that my client is innocent, and a verdict of not guilty doesn’t put a halo over my client’s head. Hi Tristen. Having coached mock trial for over 20 years, one thing I have noticed is it also does seem like there are some inconsistencies that are not terrible Hi there. This is my first year particpating in mock trial and I was ask to perform the opennig for the defence. I am thinking of hitting at the maintainability of the case. Wouldn’t they be guilty of treason?
I have to write an opening statement as a defense lawyer for this awful criminal law class I’m taking, can I e-mail you the mock case and can you give me some pointers. We understand how to get our client off of the manslaughter charge, but how might we get him off of drunk driving as well? I just joined the mock trial team for the university of west florida and I finished my defense opening but I have a couple of questions if you have time? I was wondering if you could look over what I’ve written and give me some feedback?

…for the reasons I have just stated, we would accordingly ask for a verdict of not guilty, We pray that you do the right thing. I just want to know what kind of questions I can ask the star witness. We are doing a mock trail for Abigial Williams – The Crucible- and im on the defense side i was wondering if you could help with a starting sentence, It is always nice to have people you can rely on helping you with something you need help on. Members of the jury, this case is of [mistaken identity] or [My client Love the use of “she” not “he” in this btw, Oh also I’m the defense attorney and I’d love to know some tips for proving someone obviously guilty innocent, its a murder case based around the trifles play.

As you progress in the competition, Please Help! I need a good theme for the defense of a Battered Woman, do you know of anything that might stick in the jury’s minds? If you would care to read it or if you’ve already read it I would love to get an email with an opening statement and/or evidence. guilty of the charge as alleged, but is guilty of a lesser charge. Sounds like you are talking about a real case, and this is a forum about mock trial. Hopefully I do great tomorrow!

Your email address will not be published. He is being charged with aiding and abetting his best friend’s (Johnny) murder. would it bepossible to get some help? Have you thought about maybe a defense of insanity or diminished capacity for you mock trial? statements. So far I have a bit of traps and play on words in my bag but its a bit challenging, I do love a good challenge though-, Thanks for visiting our site. Regards, not be calibrated in over two years. This has been very helpful Thank you very much From the UK! How would we use this? If the prosecutor claims your client was caught red-handed with the stolen items in his possession, point out that your client may not have known the items were stolen. Hi, I’m playing a third-party defense attorney in a mock trial, representing the employer of the main defendant in a car accident. to the story. A not guilty verdict just means just that there is a doubt, and there are a lot of doubts here. I am a university student preparing my opening statement. Hi! A verdict of guilty would be a travesty. Thanks for visiting my blog! [Then go through and point them all out]”. Lawyers should engage their audience during trial, and effective themes combined with engaging stories can fight juror … to shoot holes in their case.

Our mock trial case is a civil case over the death of a pet supposedly caused from the negligence of the pet manufacturer company. Getting started is the most difficult, so I appreciate your “opening statements” portion, it was just the right information to get me started!

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