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When they finally do, it symbolizes their crossing over to our earthly realm. The world's 12 weirdest birth customs. The culture of the country is diverse and tends to differ from north to south. That explains why conventional names (Marie, Sophia, Maximilian and Alexander are high on the list these days) accounted for 97 percent of baby names last year. The most common greeting is a handshake with a warm, welcoming smile. Check out these fascinating, time-honored traditions from every corner of the globe. Below are some of the most notable things about Nigerian culture. Most Japanese women aim to deliver their baby sans painkillers, an ancient belief that stems from the Buddhist belief that labor pains must be endured as a test to prepare for the difficulties of motherhood. Legislation does not seem to be very effective. 1.
Who needs a sonogram to show whether it’s a boy or girl? That being said, many societies' rituals and customs have remained sacred throughout centuries, while others have recently implemented new techniques and associations with childbirth. The fear and joy of giving birth in Nigeria. These efforts are positive proof that research can help improve lives. Na this one make me no dey go there”. Another tradition says being pregnant with a boy makes a woman’s hair thick and shiny, while a girl does the opposite. Men may place their left hand on the other person’s shoulder while shaking hands.

At the end of *la dieta, moms are given a bath with herbs, perfume and a cup of milk or three rose petals to mark their re-entry into the everyday world. Names that are objects (like Apple) or surnames are never allowed, and you must be able to tell the baby’s gender by his or her first name.

If your proposed name is rejected by the Standesamt, the office of vital statistics, you have to submit another one, and pay a fee each time. As for the babies, they’re treated like gods. During the elaborate ceremony, the placenta is cleaned, put in a sealed container, wrapped in white cloth and then buried outside of the home. An article on the customs and traditions of Nigeria. Once 20 days have passed, mother and baby visit the homes of gift givers, where they receive a handkerchief filled with candy (for a good-natured baby) and an egg (for a healthy one). The fear of losing an expectant mother in Nigeria, especially during delivery, is a serious concern.

And because the new mother’s body is considered vulnerable, she has to wrap her belly in a cloth girdle or sash called a faja, and keep her head and neck covered as well. The government’s plan seems to be working, since the country has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Nigeria’s culture is made up of several ethnic groups that speak 527 different languages. This description probably stems from ttie fact that the country is made up of over 400 linguistic groups, three principal religions, a multiple of socio-political opinions and organisations and varying weaiher and climatic condi- tions between ihe North and the South. Difficulties from Day One Malnutrition Death at young age 2,300 under-five year olds Second largest Mother mortality rate 1 in 13 during pregnancy 800/100,000 mortality in live births Sources Child Scarification Form of identification Tribal wars Kidnappings Slavery All across A UNICEF report indicates that 145 Nigerian women of child bearing age and 2,300 children under-five years of age die every single day, making Nigeria the second largest contributor to the maternal mortality rate in the world. Mothers have the option to take a cash grant instead, but the majority opt for the starter kit, which is worth a lot more. Parents also dress newborns in red, which is considered good luck and keeps evil spirits away.
To let them rest and focus on caring for their infant, female relatives and friends pitch in with household responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and taking care of other children. These efforts have contributed to demonstrable improvements in MNCH in the region.

It’s also the day when moms take their first post-birth bath. That also means most women won’t even consider an epidural, even if their doctor recommends it. In most African cultures, when a mother delivers a baby safely without the mother or child having to die, it calls for an elaborate celebration that often goes for days.

Instead of being showered with gifts when baby is born, it’s the opposite in Brazil—when guests come to see mother and child in the hospital, she gives them a basket of presents instead.

CPED recognised that if progress is to be made in improving access to, and the quality of, MNCH care services in Nigeria, efforts must be made to tackle the challenge of health care financing, especially at the rural level.

Birth Traditions in Nigeria Babies here receive a bundle of blessings. It’s made with water, sugar, cloves, cinnamon and red food coloring, and is first served to the new mom in the hospital. Babies here receive a bundle of blessings.

In traditional Inuit culture, most women received support from a midwife figure during childbirth. Conception to delivery is one of the wonderful miracles of life. After baby arrives, the new mom traditionally stays at her parents home for at least a month, and rests in bed for 21 days to recuperate and bond with baby, while family members pitch in with chores. This has contributed to women refusing to access MNCH services in rural Primary Health Care facilities, even among those who have the means to pay for and receive services. Unfortunately, this comes with mixed feelings among family members in Nigeria, especially women of reproductive age. Establishments serving alcoholic beverages are found everywhere except where Islamic laws prohibit them. Why do most cultures in Nigeria celebrate so much when a woman delivers safely?

Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. The number of ethnic groups and dialects stand at more than 1,150. (It’s also common for parents to talk to baby inside mom’s belly and ask her for an easy delivery.) Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Postpartum care is called omugwo, a key component of which is baby’s first bath, given to him by his grandmother (or, if she’s unavailable, an aunt or close friend). Child marriage is a common Nigerian practice.

The grandmother’s other job is to help mom get back into pre-pregnancy shape with a routine that includes a belly-flattening massage with a towel dipped in hot water.

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