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[εικόνες], Μαρία Μπεκατώρου: Η αναφορά στα κιλά της και πως κατάφερε να χάσει αρκετό βάρος [βίντεο], Χριστιάνα Θεοδώρου: Ποζάρει με crop top και μας δείχνει τη φουσκωμένη της κοιλίτσα! Will Turkey manage to escape EU sanctions? Stargazing enthusiasts can expect to see around a dozen Perseids per hour this weekend, which is the peak of the summer meteor shower. Παναθηναϊκός: «Κάθε σοβαρή πρόταση, αντιμετωπίζεται με την αντίστοιχη... Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ: Τα γκολ από τους αγώνες (video), Η προπόνηση της Ομόνοιας στην Τούμπα (pics/video). Παρακολουθήστε τις εξελίξεις μέσω των social media του SigmaLive. Stargazing enthusiasts can expect to see around a dozen Perseids per hour this weekend, which is the peak of the summer meteor shower.

These dates may be modified as official changes … The zenithal hourly rate is: 110 meteors per hour. Δικαιοσύνης – ΥΠΠΑΝ για την Συμβουλευτική Επιτροπή, Ελλάδα: Στο «κόκκινο» η Καστοριά-Ποιες περιοχές ανεβαίνουν επίπεδο συναγερμού, Επαναρχίζουν οι συνομιλίες για την εμπορική συμφωνία Λονδίνου-Βρυξελλών, Η «μισή» Σαχτάρ... ταπείνωσε την Ρεάλ μέσα στην Μαδρίτη. Specifically, SigmaLive has learned that the showers will begin to visible from midnight on Friday and continue until approximately 7:00 am. The Perseids have been active since mid-July, during the time that Earth passes through the path of 109P Swift-Tuttle Comet from July 17 through August 24. This step is highly provocative and risks raising tensions in the region. Αντιμετωπίζοντας τις στρατηγικές και γεωπολιτικές προκλήσεις του μέλλοντος. The US State Department has described as “highly provocative” Turkey’s drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus. Πέθανε εθελοντής που συμμετείχε στη δοκιμή του εμβολίου της AstraZeneca, Μη αναστρέψιμη η βλάβη στην όραση 5 ασθενών που νοσηλεύονται στο ΓΝΛ, Τι πρέπει να προσέξετε στην συμπλήρωση της Φορολογικής Δήλωσης, Δύο νεκροί από την έκρηξη στο Λονδίνο (ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΕΣ). Με βουρκωμένα μάτια η Μαρία Ιωάννου εξομολογείται το δύσκολο βράδυ που πέρασε και αφορά στα παιδιά της, O Christian Louboutin σου δίνει την ευκαιρία μέσα από τη νέα του καμπάνια να βγάλεις μια selfie μαζί του. Perseids meteor shower reaches peak on Monday – Make a Wish :) August 12, 2019; ... 2019 World Comments Off on Turkey’s drilling in Cyprus EEZ is “highly provocative,” warns USA 182 Views. Διαβάστε ακόμη: Θετικός στον... Επικοινωνία Υπ. Καραγιάννης: Η διαφορά με το καλοκαίρι, η απουσία Κωστρίκη και τα rapid... ΠτΔ: Εκείνοι που μου λένε ότι ακολουθώ εσφαλμένη πορεία, να κάνουν... Σπάει τη σιωπή του ο Κοτζιάς για Κυπριακό – «Αρθρογράφοι της διαπλοκής..», «Εμφάνισα συμπτώματα…δεν μπορούσα να σταθώ στα πόδια μου» (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ). © 2020, All Rights Reserved, Turkey’s drilling in Cyprus EEZ is “highly provocative,” warns USA, on Turkey’s drilling in Cyprus EEZ is “highly provocative,” warns USA, Prosecutor insists on suspended sentences for Golden Dawn convicts, Standoff in the Aegean with Turkey demanding demilitarization of Greek islands, Greece, Albania agreed to refer their maritime zones/EEZ issues to The Hague, Greece calls on Germany, Spain, Italy for arms embargo on Turkey, Heavy rainstorm floods Crete, forces Heraklio airport to shut down (videos), 90-year-old granny evicted, spent 2 days on the streets unwilling to abandon her dog, 68% of Greece’s right: Belief in God necessary to be a good person, Crete: Murderer of US biologist Suzanne Eaton gets life sentence, Magda Fyssa is right: “Pavlos did it!” He brought down the Golden Dawn, Questions arise as Greece vows to “empty Lesvos of all refugees by Easter”, Greece’s Covidiot-parents hinder their children from attending school, Panting, disinterested Germany struggles to mediate between Greece and Turkey, Mt Athos treasures on digital interactive exhibition at Athens Concert Hall, The Palace where Alexander the Great was born revealed in “coastal” Pella, Full version of Greek language learning tool “staellinika” launched online, Archaeological Museum of Pella receives Traveler’s Choice Award 2020, Greece modifies travel restrictions due to Air Traffic Controllers strike, increases Israel arrivals, Single e-pass for all motorways in Greece to be launched on Nov 4, Greece’s Civil Aviation extends travel restrictions until Oct 25, “Greece is destination with highest sales,” says new Thomas Cook, Orionids meteor shower at its peak Oct 20-21; visibility in Greece, Meteor falls in the sea area between Evia and Aigina (video), Archaeological sites, museums in Greece open for August full moon, Delight for sky-watchers in July: The awesome Comet NEOWISE, Greece successfully completes reopening of 15-year bond, 865 new coronavirus cases shock Greece; 6 more deaths, People parade in Giannitsa as if no bans and no pandemic (video), Owner of nursing home with Covid-19 cases commits suicide, Greece’s breaks all times record with 667 new coronavirus cases, Weather Service upgrades to Red Alert warning for Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Jewish community in Greece express abhorrence over desecration of Jewish monuments, Germany continues mediation efforts between Greece and Turkey, says FM spokesman, 15 EU countries: EU needs long-term plan to tackle 5G fake news, conspiracy theories, France and Germany give Turkey “one week deadline” to clarify its position, Greece's breaks all times record with 667 new coronavirus cases, Where and how to get a free Covid-19 test in Greece, French teacher positive to Covid-19, ferry returns from Santorini to Piraeus, Divorce finalized: Athina Onassis gets rid of unfaithful husband, pays him almost nothing, Second Tourist killed trying to take a selfie with Zakynthos Shipwreck – Poll, Roadmap of lockdown lifting in Greece: May 4 – begin of July, 2020 (UPD), International flight passengers to Greece must fill PLF prior to check-in, Greece reveals health protocols for flights and hotels in summer 2020.

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