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so, is it worth to apply in peripheral centers rather than central to, This might help you. is plab 1 visa more difficult than plab 2 Ask them! For example, pediatrics and OBGYN are counted as medicine and surgery, respectively. I completed my mbbs degree in 2014 and then went for HJ. You check the box and proceed to payment. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment.

Provision of health care takes place in two main ways: primary and secondary care. Firstly, I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful blog and informative platform for all the PLAB aspirants. staff grades and associate specialists), nurses, midwives, therapists, allied healthcare professionals and a range of scientific and technical staff. First off thank you so much for your wonderful and thoroughly informative+encouraging blog. Since PLAB 2 is only held in Manchester. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Now starts their long interrogation about your “Fitness to Practice” and in most cases, I hope, all the answers are NO. invalid on the date of your GMC application is approved. Surgery. Respected bro. • If yes, will it create any hindrance in getting a job in UK House job isnt equivalent to internship we do afyer completing mbbs ??? Get started. I’ve read with regards to FY2, that I should be fully registered with the GMC atleast before my post commemces. 3. New to GMC Online? People have received their visas without being employed or only after being employed for a month as well, but it’s risky and I do not recommend it. It will give you an employment or employment history, which is very important for your PLAB 2 visa. Read hundreds of articles, take online courses and watch videos related to IELTS/OET, PLAB, GMC Registration, NHS jobs, postgraduate specialty training, and overall living & working as a doctor in the UK. Any particular housejob rotation required or not????

ECFMG will send you a confirmation via email. After passing, PLAB 2, you can apply for GMC registration. Did your job directly involved patient care and contact? Many hospitals have middle-grade registrar jobs, but these aren’t officially training jobs and aren’t officially recognised or reviewed by the deaneries. Also many say to wait up to see if GMC wants it. Read the post for further information and guidance. Actually, I have not yet finished my graduation in Brazil, so I can’t take the PLAB teste for now. How should I proceed? There are three different ways you can get GMC registration: We will discuss all of these routes with special attention to step by step guidance on how to apply for GMC registration online after passing PLAB 2. before I leave in my query, i must commend your initiative. N what about ielts? All the best!

It is conducted overseas in March and November only. You can find out which medical authority to contact in. It can easily be 3-4 months from the day you land till you can make your GMC application. With the advent of GMC establishing EPIC verification and abolishing a separate ID check appointment to expedite the registration process, you might never need the ORIGINAL documents in the UK, if you’re taking the PLAB route. But if you are applying via PG degree, Sponsorship route- you will have to book and attend ID check in the UK. You enter all your employment or attachment history. I’d like like to have your email if that’s OK. I finished my internship in july/2017. To circumvent this 3 months ultimatum and still getting everything done within the shortest possible time you can arrange for someone to apply for those papers while you are in the UK to delay the signed date so that it remains valid (you’ll have to go talk to your council prior to this and clarify with them about your situation).

And what is the difference between training and non-training posts? SE1 1SZ TIA. In the process, GMC MIGHT want your internship supervising consultants to fill the GEN2 Consultant Report Form to make sure they can accept your internship. You may not need to get it if your internship completion certificate mentions about holding a provisional registration.

Like if your last entry’s ending date was 12/07/2016, next entry’s starting date should be 13/07/2016. A 6-month bank statement is not mandatory, but ideal. House Job is recognized properly in every country as a House Job. It’s more than enough time. Is it possible to skip FY1 and FY2 and go straight to CP? It's part of Sudanese Junior Doctors Association (SJDA-UK) guidance for doctors wishing to work in the UK. Congratulations again.Good luck on Applying for jobs in the NHS! All doctors entering postgraduate specialty training must have completed 24 months of experience since gaining their primary medical qualification, whether in the UK or in another country, and must provide evidence of completion of foundation programme competencies. These are the basics. For more information, or if you have any questions, please see our careers FAQs. You can contact me here: (Yes, if it applies. 10 –18 Union Street Now let’s proceed. PLAB has two parts, PLAB 1 and PLAB 2. So technically, you will need this step after PLAB 2 and before GMC registration. The NHS (in England and Wales) is the means by which health care is delivered to the population. Road to UK Paving your path to becoming a doctor in the UK! Your last entry’s ending date should the date you selected in the beginning. Thank you. will I still be able to get a residency in UK? also after passing PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 do we get full registration immediately? 2. PLAB 2 must be taken within 2 years of passing PLAB 1. hello sir..i completed my mbbs in 2013…i worked as a medical officer for 2 years in india after which i took a 3 year break to prepare for post graduation studies..i dint crack the exam so im back working as a medical officer and preparing for plab..will these 3yrs of unemployment cause any problem for me while gmc registration. Full membership is open to UK doctors with GMC registration. After successfully filling up the online part which is discussed below step-by-step, you would be able to make the payment. You should be looking at this article regarding what documents you need for your GMC registration application before you’re leaving your country for PLAB 2 examination. These jobs generally last for 6–12 months, don’t carry an NTN but do provide training that can be accredited towards your CCT if you gain an NTN at a later date. I am starting my prep for plab since today. . Is it a residency training program? does this fulfill the criteria for a cumulative total of 3 months serving in medicine? I am about to start my final year so whats the best time to give ielts and plab1 as i dont want to waste my time secondly how much gap should be there max btw plab 1 and plab 2? Can you please tell me what you think is the ideal time to space out the three tests one has to sit i.e the IELTS PLAB1 and PLAB2? Most involve some on-call, live-in labour ward commitment. For a list of hospitals, please see the NHS hospital directory. If not, then how can we do that ??? These usually last 2–6 weeks and are usually unpaid. If you don’t, please check this page of GMC Fees. i’ve given the academic module and not the UKVI version of the test. Do not lie or submit falsified documents. You DO NOT need separate documents from each employer for your GMC registration application. You can check their official websites for this. i have not done an internships so i do not qualify for full registration and mos\t jobs\ other than f1 foundation jobs with provisional registration. You will receive a detailed email of which papers to send to GMC with elaborate instructions required to complete your further registration process upon confirmation of your payment. 2. Also what are the chance of getting into residency in the UK? I have query regarding criteria for appearing in PLAB 1 and GMC registration. , hi there.

Let’s have a look at how the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council’s CGS looks: This letter is basically paving your way to get FULL registration with a license to practice. Your certificate of good standing (CGS) collected from the medical council covers ALL the medical work that you did in that country. It’s not possible to get secondary care without initial referral from a GP, except for emergency treatment. Health care is free of charge at the point of delivery, funded through general taxation. Following is an example of the different types of evidences a doctor may have to provide to support their GMC application. Im planning to sit for Plab 1 in november 2018, and for Plab 2 in January 2019. This is unclear and the GMC is refraining from commenting. Primary care is delivered by general practitioners (GPs) in the community. They will apply on you as well. Secondly, let’s find out! They might cause a bit of a delay but they will not stop you from working in the UK.


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