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Perhaps there’s a question of the intrinsic value of the letter? Limbaugh remains a moderately clever liar, but an unquestionable liar nevertheless, and this whole affair is just a replay of his confident “diagnosis” of Michael J. There, I said it," Limbaugh. Meanwhile, Harry Reid is trying to claim credit for raising the money, despite having thus far putting up not one single dime. I have documented Gilchrest’s poor voting record…, Here’s the dreaded video.Pete Stark (D-CA), But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for…. President Donald Trump described conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh as the "greatest fighter," a "winner" and a charitable person when honoring … So the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, it’s now official, is going to get in excess of $4.2 million because I am matching Betty Casey’s bid on eBay — $4.2 million. The IRS is pretty lax with its oversight of charities, so it’s an open question whether they’ll do anything, of course. The holdings sold the product Two if by Tea and has often contributed to military purposes. Instead of being a man about it and apologizing for calling our soldiers ‘phonies’ Limbaugh is trying to buy himself absolution. Now was this the wisest use of the $2M? Mr. President, we didn’t have time, or we could have gotten every senator to sign that letter. Democrats talk about supporting civil rights. The report is that Hillary got Socks to soften her image and make her look like a good mom…, […] to Outside the Beltway, Is It Just Me?, , Allie Is Wired, A Blog For All, The Populist, Walls of the City, Big Dog’s […]. Can you point out exactly what makes you say Reid is claiming credit for the money? He should just apologize and be done with it. No one was drafted above 125. Go, Rush! This is why a perfunctory bit of political grandstanding, committed to U.S. Senate letterhead this month, became worth a reported $4.2 million yesterday, instantly becoming one of the most valuable printed documents of the modern era. All Original Content Copyright © 2003-2019 by OTB. Atrocities against non-Muslims are traditional in Pakistan. “Bidding Over $2M for Dems Anti-Rush Letter, ” (Z. Byron Wolf, ABC News Political Radar blog). You're saying I'm being racist, you're saying I'm being racist because I'm saying blacks can't swim," Limbaugh continued, citing a study which said "young blacks -- especially males -- are much more likely to drown in pools than whites. This is the sort of question that would have been on Americans’ minds as they created their own Constitution. Evidently every time he opens his yap he provides a few more votes for the Dems, and in fact — given the fact that the same poll gave Michael J. But he put the letter up for auction on e-bay and I think very, very constructively, left the proceeds of that it go to the Marine Corps law enforcements foundation. Had he enlisted in 1969 when he graduated from HS, he likely would not have gone to South Vietnam as we were starting to withdraw forces. I think that could pose quite a problem. The furor seemed to have died down as the Senate moved away from voting on a string of Iraq resolutions to voting on domestic spending bills. Not the sharpest bowling ball on the rack but he spends a lot on all natural herbal impotency cures. I wonder if they will wear their brown shirts while passing it? Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump described conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh as the "greatest fighter," a "winner" and a charitable person when honoring him with the Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union Tuesday night. Never did we think that this letter would bring money of this nature. It's in his biography. Buying something from Rush Limbaugh probably doesn’t qualify. Who says the political fingerpointing in Washington is all for naught? Hear her tough words for Trump, How the push to increase Black voter turnout differs from 2016, Debate commission co-chair reveals final debate plan, President Trump abruptly ends interview with '60 Minutes', Dr. Fauci channels 'The Godfather' in response to Trump, Clyburn: We want a fair shake out of stimulus deal, Former special ops commander says he's voting for Biden, Tapper: FCC officials stunned by WH push for this 5G deal, Trump says Dr. Fauci is not a 'team player', Avlon breaks down Trump's list of grievances, Why Pennsylvania court ruling is a win for Democrats, Covid-19 tension building between Trump and Fauci, How Trump picks his Medal of Freedom honorees, he described which race or ethnicity group would win a Survivor-like contest. It’s just a purchase of a letter from Limbaugh. Then along come the Libs buddies. Don’t forget that Limbaugh called the previous caller, who thought the troops should come home, a phony vet. Davebo, Limbaugh has been talking about Jesse Macbeth for over a month. Anyone can join them. It is these reports that he bases his “phony soldiers” comments on. Fox as faking his Parkinson’s symptons. “Limbaugh Spins Reid’s Letter Into Charity Gold” (Neely Tucker, WaPo): Petty bickering about patriotism and Who Loves Our Troops More has never been seen as a financial growth industry, but there’s no stopping American capitalism. Limbaugh has been at war with American values for as long as I can remember and has made a practice of bad mouthing everyone who disagrees with him. It’s like the 911 kook sites claiming to be architects or whatever. Unless it’s your right to talk badly about them. The Casey Fdn operates under strict rules that requires nonprofits to use their money only for charitable purposes. And, certainly, it’s a worthwhile cause. Now, obviously, Owens knows far, far more about tax law than I do. […] to Stop the ACLU, Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @, Is It Just Me?, , AZAMATTEROFACT, A Blog For […], […] to Stop the ACLU, Outside the Beltway, The Virtuous Republic, Perri Nelson’s Website, Is It Just Me?, , Stix Blog, Right Truth, The […]. Look at it this way, if I bought something at a yard sale and the seller donated the money to the Goodwill, he would get the tax break, not me. Limbaugh claims that “he was only referring to one soldier who was critical of the war and had served only 44 days in the Army and never seen combat.” That fact is reserved for the 12th paragraph. CNN's Mallory Simon, Kaitlan Collins and Manu Raju contributed to this report. Rush has talked about Metcalf and others quite often and had talked about it during the show. Limbaugh has held radio donation drives for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and is a. Answering Sir Walter Scott’s question, posed below: Yes. No. The letter in question is an Oct. 2 two-pager from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to Clear Channel Communications CEO Mark Mays lambasting the syndicate’s Rush Limbaugh, who had recently criticized U.S. troops who were against the war in Iraq. I signed up, checked it out, and the majority of their syndication consists of ‘news’ like what Paris Hilton or some…, […] to Outside the Beltway, Blog @, Is It Just Me?, Perri Nelson’s Website, , A Blog For All, Right Truth, […]. It’s not, though. Let’s support ou…. Interestingly, it’s the last of these that’s gotten the most attention, with Don Surber, Bob Owens, “Gaius,” Warner Todd Huston, and others blasting ABC for seeming to give Reid and the Democrats, rather than Limbaugh, credit for raising the money. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. 32 comments. But when our soldiers are in harms way for him to call any of them phony is just plain outragous. Limbaugh should’ve donated the letter to a charity so that they could auction it off. While I did not write this article, Cpl. I know what you're saying. He's my age, 67. Wikipedia: Limbaugh's birthdate was ranked as 175 in the Vietnam War draft lottery. Limbaugh is a champion of the Constitution, advocate of civic engagement, and a committed patriot," the press statement said. Rush 24/7 Adopt-A-Soldier Program. Once, during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump praised Limbaugh as someone who "can speak for three hours without a phone call.". “They’d have to establish the link between the transfer of money for that letter and promoting free speech, and that’s going to be tough,” Mr. Owens said. While most charters are written broadly enough to include giving to another charity, some are more limited on what they can spend their money. Fox an 8 to 1 positive rating — it’s possible that he made the difference in the close Missouri Senate race that put the Senate in Democratic hands. It makes all claims by the left, even those that might not be false, to be less believable. Therefore the call for the Fairness Doctrine. Similarly, he said the NBA should be renamed to reflect that they were gangs. That would be a matter for the charity trustees, but it wouldn’t be hard to make the free speech case. Updated 2049 GMT (0449 HKT) February 5, 2020. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. All Rights Reserved. The comments came during Limbaugh’s second hour on Monday. The surprise award prompted some Democrats to yell "no" in the chamber and sparked internet outrage for such an honor -- which is up to the President's discretion -- to be given to Limbaugh. The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. Here we go again. Payback is a bitch. He’s the mostest! “They’d have to establish the link between the transfer of money for that letter and promoting free speech, and that’s going to be tough,”. The problem is that under the eBay rules, it is the seller who collects the money from the buyer and donates it to charity. And for people like Ken Schram, who think money is the cure, guess again. If you are trying to destroy the credability of the left, you are going down the right path. It’s a clever spin but Limbaugh has responded by challenging Reid and company to put their money where their mouths are: Harry Reid in a speech on the Senate floor at 12 noon today, a little over an hour ago, attempted to horn in on all this and take some credit for it, claiming that he and I had buried the hatchet, or implying that that had been the case, and then kept using the pronoun “WE” in discussing how good this was, the money going to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This content is currently not available in your region. Interestingly, though, the NYT piece concludes by questioning that: Marcus S. Owens, a lawyer who until 2000 headed the division of the Internal Revenue Service that oversees charities and foundations, said the Casey foundation might be liable for taxes because it would have difficulty demonstrating that the purchase of the letter furthered a charitable purpose.

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