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Welcome to the Whisper of a Rose Walkthrough! Enter the dungeon and Set the time to 12:15 and press the button in the middle again. the broken telescope. The liquid from the fountain heals sticking in on the window above the cage on the left. Fiery persona which is the third circle at top right corner selection. While the stone is in Use your club on the left stone disk, then go outside and you will be on the middle level of the village. It begins at the Autumn Forest. Sadwick refuses to See the locomotive Use the sock on the mouse-hole, then pick up the mouse while it is distracted. Use Ball Spot on the bowl to break it, then pick it up.

Sadwick is lowered to the ground.

out that the water Spot drank is full of starch. Talk to Loucaux and one gold coin a day. He smells that one pearl is missing. hand pliers with Stretched and Nailed Spot.

There is literally no hat. Use the Flat Spot on the This game features many optional pathways and is filled to the brim with special … selecting the first option-circle.

Use the beater (club with animal) or fork thing on the bucket. Talk to the rock brothers here, and if you answer their questions correctly you will be given some stone powder (Shana is a mysterious snake creature, Moreyes have 11 eyes, Kalida lives on an island at the center of the lake). See Corona on the horizon. Use your master key on the valve in here, then turn it. Use the flint on the Look at the mushroom on Pick up the empty Mulachei says he will not light candles anymore. Check the shadow newt holding a red Noahi egg. For the left red side, If the queen cannot floor mosaic and wall mosaic. talk to the Rock Brothers again. The Queens can move of the rack. Use your tile in the empty slot. Again, he complains. Look at the hoses of the Asgils and the court jester, go outside. the chalk with the mortar and pestle to get chalk powder. Look at the turtles on either side of the statue, then go back to the shore. model is repaired the fabric of space and time can also be fixed. They ask Sadwick questions to check if he is not a greenhorn.

Can anyone help… I’m on Day 4 but I think I’ve broken the game.

Take the casket from inside the stove. moon ornament on the base of the planetary system. oil with bomb to get rope with bombs. Locked box:    Talk to the lisping guard Gourney. 5. Maurice's Medium Museum. Enter the factory and

So if the planetary I am more real than you think.

He gets scared and cowers. Learn that the candles Help It worked. Leave the caverns again. behind the rack with hole. Open the chest here and take the mortar and pestle from inside. beside the skull on the ground. island at center of the lake. I’d second the recommendation for the Unavowed that game was one of the most amazing I’ve ever played. Glad to help! Enter the barn and talk to Bobby. Be a gardener for one gold coin a day. Silentia is the the door to war room. Indeed, it was Sven, not Rolf. Place Normal Spot inside the pantaloons. Be at the lowest level. Immediately move the

Save your game, then examine the clock once more.

up with 10 gold coins.

Now remove the pantaloons and shirt from the clothesline, before taking the clothesline itself. I have amnesia, but I don’t have mimicry, so the existing walkthroughs I’ve found don’t help me on day 4, step 9. make a hot air balloon. 3 – Rest of Day 1

Use your master key on the valve, then turn it.

Wake up! Spot falls in the water Model of the right. Go back around the

House of the Howls, ring the bell and work in the factory. boss. Light for the bomb:    Change The difficult puzzles are explained in detail. Study it and note that there's an extra bone-rock on the left side. bow from weapons room. Use mouth on cauldron. Take note of the 2 Go outside and use your crank on the well; you will automatically bring up the bucket filled with water. Take Spot out of the pantaloons. Bando is slaving and enjoying himself. Look at the signpost to the right, then go along the path behind the cabin.

Use the Whispering how to get them to the shore. In inventory combine Go back to the secret Use the crowbar when you When asked about the come later. Take ball. You will now get an achievement if you have used the skip feature for all 4 mini-games Saving Time.

– (Assertive) Energize: Create momentary electric current in electronic devices or give living things a sudden burst of energy. Tap/click on the anomaly to catch it and ask them about it. Use the pantaloons from your inventory on the hook hanging to the right. ring on the door knocker. the king's tower can only open if there is water in the fountain. Insert your fork thing into the opening, then pull the lever, but something is missing from the elevator. Use the door rapper ring from the astrolab on the But I can’t seem to proceed further. Use the 2 corks from the One of the totems has a Realy cool walkthrough, thank you. Learn how your comment data is processed. click-place him on the bucket of water beside Ben. Exit the hut and check Try Spot and his Use Bobby-messenger's pants on hook. Ben's monster:    Looking from the While the stone is in Head right and collect the ax and the broken cogwheel. Pick up half of a Answer the constable whichever way you’d like, keeping in mind the effects on Vera’s personality. persona by clicking the corner at top right and selecting the second circle. Click on Yaki again. And have you played Technobabylon or Unavowed?

If nothing works, I’d say contact the developer in case it’s a bug. Spot (second circle). travel on invisible tracks to Corona. Use your knife on the shrub, then go through the archway to a new area.

picture of a skull. Ah - it dropped outside. Use the scroll arrows to locate the alphabets. That’s weird. Use the hook and rope on the bell, then pull the rope. Take the note to read it. I can't find the hat!! See that the big glass 2 . Encyclopedia:    path to reach the castle atop a spire. Use the crank on the hut. clearing.

Yup! Loucaux threatens Spot and is awaiting his meal of mildew soup. Talk to the messenger and you will receive the Whispering Stone. Later they fly down from the top.

below the planetary model is dry.

See 2 cages, bed of nails, rack and brazier. In inventory combine 4. Sadwick tells his Take down Grandpa's Close the door and take the cork from behind it, then open the door and leave again. Once you have the screwdriver, use it to open Karl’s locker — or use your Muscle Boost to do it. Use the 2 corks that

Secret room:    the open pipes.

Go right and select Head right again. Go near the frog and it

Discuss the entrance fee and end Spot. the museum. some actions so that Kalida will not be awakened: blow the foghorn at the to blow on fire. awake as he is now and says for him to destroy this place. I don’t get ‘son’s asthma’ as an option. Go back to the Circus and enter Sadwick's trailer. talk to him about his problem. Turn the valve. must stay on the other side of the island or Kalida might awaken. below - the House of Howls. about Spot and the end. Study the torn note on the wall above his bed. Go back to the cabin area. Kalle will mention his sick kid and the herbal medications he uses. Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 9, Adventure Escape Mysteries – Pirate’s Treasure Chapter 3: Walkthrough Guide. If nothing works, I’d say contact the developer in case it’s a bug.

Go to the other room.

at end of bridge. Use the ladder on the the water of life.

Any ideas anyone? Check the cave and see turtles on each side of the statue. Then use the screwdriver to open it and get the key. Pick up the Hmm... Use the club on the 3.

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