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Hey, click the icon to check the status of your We’re in Houston, so only one track hints at the time Solange recently spent in Jamaica. That’s Blackness. She uses the device extensively and almost compulsively, trying to remember, trying harder not to forget, and trying even harder to situate these traditions within a wider context of black music and culture in America. Solange's 'When I Get Home' Album: a Track-by-Track Analysis, Going to Streamland with Glass Animals: Live In The Internet, YUNGBLUD Combines Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” & Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Lucca Dohr Impresses with Debut EP “Norwich” : A Track-By-Track Analysis, Review: The Smashing Pumpkins, a New Song and an Animated Series, Stars Deacon & Nina Nesbitt Drop the Music Video to their Hit “Long Run”. Given this duality, there is something worth exploring beyond the memes. The wait was worth it as the new album, When I Get Home, boasts 19 tracks crediting the likes of Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and more as producers as well as a beautiful short film to go with it. The music video with the song's audio track will automatically start at the bottom right. Throughout her unintended debut with Destiny’s Child, her iconic Proud Family anthem, and the albums that preceded When I Get Home, Solange has always been “different.” If you like that difference or you just think “Almeda” is a hit that sticks like grits, Solange has always seen things she imagined, but many of us chose not to see those things.

It begs you to listen to the whole album and make it an experience rather than just a one-off occasion. The jokes come too easily with “Things I Imagined,” but Solange Knowles Ferguson is in on the joke, she doesn’t give a fuck, and I love it. explanations' markup. “Almeda,” the track which follows, features Playboi Carti and The-Dream and is unapologetically black. Her “modular structure and performance art piece” was not just something she imagined, but something she literally saw through to fruition. The melodies on “Down With the Clique” and “Way to the Show” could be rearranged remnants from her first album Solo Star, released in her teen pop days. At the time of the interview, we didn’t know the name of the record, When I Get Home, which indicates that this is an album about return. It draws influence from Solange’s roots in Southern Black culture as a Houston native. Sage, queer Black people in outfits that sparkled, Black women in garments that soaked up the energy in the room, candlelit, the art performance experience beginning in meditation, punctuated by poetry and essays, stories of collaboration with Gil Scott-Heron by Laraaji as he performed, and finally a chanting and grooving Solange. Now we have music and an accompanying short film that reconstructs the Houston of Solange’s mind. Its obliqueness does not give it automatic significance; instead, like in jazz or drone music, engaged listening instigates feeling. While for the most part, it’s an upbeat track, around the 2-minute mark, it becomes more trap-y and Solange’s vocals go from sweet to powerful. “Things I Imagined” is also about centering herself within her context: Houston as home. It combines the jazzy vibe of “Down with the Clique,” and the trap soundscape to come in later tracks. “ Taking on the light, taking on the light, taking on the light. “I saw things I imagined, things I imagined,” she sings on the opener. And that’s surely Blackness as a religion. The list of 19 songs that compose the album is here: The Translation of Things I Imagined - Solange in Spanish and the original Lyrics of the Song. “Things I Imagined” All Lyrics and Melodies Written by Solange Knowles Produced by Solange Knowles, Chassol & John Key Published by EMI April Music Inc. / Solange …

The outro almost resembles the music of her older sister, Beyonce, but it’s still very unique to Solange.

An interlude separates “My Skin My Logo,” from “Jerrod,” sampling Alexyss K. Tyler before proceeding to the next track. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. In this religion, it’s obvious that the only way to take on the light is through Blackness. A Blackness so deep and pure that it appears purple to the eye and affirms you as royalty, even when the world says you are nothing.

This is the type of power and affirmation that has motivated men to both build and burn churches, and Black people have seldom ever known such power despite always remaining powerful — be it out of our nature or out of survival. Create an account to credit all your contributions to your name, receive I imagined/Things… I imagined.” ... the onus falls on the listener to get close and make their own meaning., — solange knowles (@solangeknowles) March 1, 2019. You can hear the smile and laughter in Solange’s voice in this song, which I love. And the you — Black, in the world, searching for God — should know that God is you. Now Solo hits us with a double whammy, dropping a double video for "Things I Imagined/Down With The Clique" and "Beltway." If any of the tracks on this album become insta-hits, it’s probably going to be this one but that doesn’t take away from its magic. Topically, Solange sings about getting money and living lavishly while breaking the stereotype of black people being poor. Solange’s vocals, as usual, are angelic but they’re made even more angelic against the soundscape of a deep bass and syncopated pulse sans drumbeat.

The gospel of Solange has been opened, and we are blessed to be a part of such a divine stream of consciousness.

The airy three-part harmonies that have been her true calling card since covering the Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is the Move” ascend over a dense arpeggiated bassline, and then give way to playful back-and-forth toasting between Solange and The-Dream that echoes the incantations of Sister Nancy: “Sundown, wind chimes/I just wanna wake up on C.P. time.”. And if that is too hard to arrive at because you feel as if you are helpless or too flawed to see yourself as God, then at least know this: God is like you. She saw things she imagined on that journey, and us seeing those same things doesn’t matter. This is probably one of the only songs on the album that breaks the three-minute mark, but it’s still not one of those songs you listen to on its own. ... in the chorus of the opening track "Things I Imagined." Don't write just "I love this song."

Create There are samples, background vocals, and additional personnel credits to people representing Houston’s past, present, and future: from Phylicia Rashad and the poet Pat Parker, to Solange’s young son Julez Smith II, who has a production credit on the interlude “Nothing Without Intention.”, When I Get Home is exploratory, but still kind of glossy. Solange had to travel 70 states in order to lovingly return to Houston. Here, Solange is unhurried. these first impressions of where Solange’s headspace has been have only been affirmed. He grew up in Houston, Texas, together with the sister of Beyoncé. In this religion, it’s obvious that the only way to take on the light is through Blackness. Solange ends this song with the lyric “Takin’ on the lie.” By the time we reach the last track, Solange no longer imagines but declares: I’m a … The album rewards repetition, in listening and in execution. Since the rollout of her new project, When I Get Home, these first impressions of where Solange’s headspace has been have only been affirmed.

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