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} Scott Andrew Caan is an American actor. Notwithstanding, Aames continued indulging the habits for several years, costing him his finances and his burgeoning career and potential well-being. }

Speaking highly of his professional career, Aames who wrote, created and directed Bibleman still never owned any part of his own creation.

The American TV Actor was born in Newport Beach on July 15, 1960. [6], Aames has been married three times. Aames is currently married to Winnie Hung. if(loop_range == 'h') { And, one day, Aames decided to write back to his fans including Willie who in respond asked him if she could write again. Cocaine followed afterward, adding to his long list of addictions.

After the series ended in 1981, Aames appeared in more film roles, including Zapped!

During this period, he played in a band called Willie Aames & Paradise, in which he was lead singer/guitarist. While starring in the Christian superhero series between 1995 and 2003, the icon suffered an injury that forced him out of the show, beginning his five-year hiatus from the screen.

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He eventually met and married Winnie Hung. Willie Aames is married to Maylo McCaslin. Willie Aames and Maylo McCaslin have been dating for approximately 36 years, 9 months, and 18 days.

Hung was his fan and pen pal for thirty years and had finally met in Vancouver after Aames had written to her. He is best known for his role as Sir Harry Pearce in the BBC One show Spooks; he is the only actor to have appeared in every episode of the show's ten-series lifespan. Discussing his livelihood, Aames is famous for his roles like the 12-year-old Benjamin Franklin from the miniseries, Benjamin Franklin and the function of Tommy Bradford from the sitcom, Eight is Enough, along with other caller looks. 's' : ''); !loop_range) {

He filed for bankruptcy in 2008. He starred on television as Lieutenant Mike Torello on Crime Story and as NYPD Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order.


Willie Aames is an American actor, film and television director, television producer, and screenwriter.

It’s even harder to keep every celebrity dating page and relationship timeline up to date.

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Willie Aames was born on a Friday, July 15, 1960 in Newport Beach.

By 2019, the Census Bureau estimated Olathe's population had grown to 140,545.

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Will Arnett's Professional & Personal Life — What the Netflix Star Hides behind the Scenes, Dwight Gooden Spent Almost 7 Months in Prison — inside His Troubled Life and Legal Problems, Willie Nelson Once Explained Why He Refers to His Three Former Spouses as Additional Wives, Josh Holloway Is 50 and Has Two Beautiful Kids — inside the 'Lost' Star's Personal Life, Kevin Hart's Life after His Mom's Death from Cancer — Inside Their Special Bond. start2.setFullYear(today.getFullYear() - 1); }

She is the daughter of Lily and Joseph Cates (originally Joseph Katz), who was a major Broadway producer and a pioneering figure in television, and who helped create The $64,000 Question. start2.setFullYear(today.getFullYear()); Formed while Aames was in junior high school, the group eventually landed a recording contract with CBS Custom Label.

var abs_diff = Math.abs(diff); if(!large) { Caan had a recurring role as manager Scott Lavin in the HBO television series Entourage (2009–2011).

Winnie Aames and his first wife, Victoria Weatherman. Recalling the ordeal, he divulged: "It was shameful. His zodiac animal is Rat.

Little wonder it was short-lived. Actor Willie Aames experienced high and low points in his career. He was born in Newport Beach California and soon became a child actor appearing in TV shows such as The Courtship of Eddie’s Father and Gunsmoke.

During a 2010 interview, the 60-year-old recounted how losing everything hit him all at once. View more interesting Gossips and Biographies on Marriedwiki.com. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups. Willie Aames wifes: He had at least 4 relationship before Maylo McCaslin.

August 23, 2019 | by Odette Odendaal. [5] From 1983 to 1985, he was the voice of Hank on the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons. for(i=0;i

A distinctive feature of his appearance during his years as a child actor was his pageboy haircut, which inspired thousands of parents of that era to imitate the look for their young sons.


The next year, he co-starred in the series Swiss Family Robinson . loop_range = seconds['day']; He is known for playing Tommy Bradford on the 1970s television series Eight Is Enough and Buddy Lembeck on the 1980s series Charles in Charge.

Willie Aames and his third wife, Winnie Hung. The actor has lived through two divorces and three marriages.

Somehow, the former star got his life under control to an extent. If you see any information about Willie Aames is dated, please let us know. Maylo McCaslin is best known for being a Spouse.

Saturday, October 28, 2017 | Photo: By Rob DiCaterino, Willie Aames at the Chiller Theater Expo 2017 , CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia. Willie Aames (born Albert William Upton; July 15, 1960) is an American actor, film and television director, television producer, and screenwriter. }

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He has not been previously engaged.

!loop_time && ! After Aames hit rock bottom, he applied everywhere for jobs and was finally accepted at a cruise by a construction company. Eventually, he ran out of a job, and ultimately, his bank account and money. if(diff <= 999) { Dennis Farina was an American actor, TV presenter, narrator and former police officer. Phoebe Belle Cates is an American former actress, singer and model turned store owner known primarily for her roles in several films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High,Gremlins and Drop Dead Fred. start2.setFullYear(today.getFullYear());

Eight Is Enough actor, Willie Aames today. Who could have ever predicted that Aames, who once made a million by year and attended dinner at the White House would one day find himself homeless and sleeping at a park? She is known for her work on, The Perfection to Strike a Chord on Netflix this May: First Trailer, Allison Williams & Logan Browning in First Trailer for 'The Perfection', Favorite TV Series' Soundtrack You Never Want to Skip, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Aames was previously married twice to first wife, Victoria Weatherman and second wife, Maylo McCaslin and shares one child to both of them.

Aames marriage with McCaslin, someone he considered his greatest gift from the Lord was like a dream to him. He soon landed a job as a 6-star cruise director. } loop_range = seconds['hour'];

Willie Aames, Winnie Hung (Image: Facebook - posted Feb 2020) Willie Aames – Net Worth, Salary What is Willie Aames marital status?

Now, Willie Aames … The marriage yielded a son, Christopher.

His career also suffered from his destructive habits as they began to cost him major gigs. [11], Willie Aames at the Chiller Theatre Expo in 2017, "Willie Aames' TV Series Not Helping His Music", "Willie Aames – Eight Wasn't Enough, but Life in Kansas Is Plenty for Willie Aames", "Willie Aames wards off demons, armed robber", "Willie Aames Accepts The Past With Grace", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Willie_Aames&oldid=983738553, Male actors from Huntington Beach, California, Participants in American reality television series, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Actor, director, television producer, screenwriter, Two-part episode of The Wide World of Mystery, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 23:40. var expire = ! The incident dates back to the late 2000s when the actor reached the lowest point of his life after what remained of his career and financial status went downhill. He guest-starred on various television series, including The Waltons .

Bibleman is an American Christian direct-to-video children's series created by Tony Salerno that ran from 1995 to 2010 with the goal of promoting Christianity. var delimiter = ' ';

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