witcher 3 dead man's party pigs

We can make the drunkard return to the wedding by choosing “Let's go, sober up the road”.

If Geralt refused to go to the wedding with Shani before the events of the crypt, now Vitold will accept the offer with great joy, scolding the witcher.

Traces of the dog stretch from the booth, use witch's flair and go through them into the thicket. After agreeing to meet at the mansion Everikov go to the destination.

Geralt will agree and remind the ghost that it’s time to say goodbye, and it’s time to return to the crypt.

After arriving at the wedding and completing the first 2-3 events Vlodi (Geralt) will dance with Shani into the barn. The devourer will have a strip of health, and we will go towards the village. Having received a censer, we go to the crypt alone, for the girl decides to wait outside. The bug was fixed in patch 1.11, but if you are playing on the old version, only save shipping will help. If you want to search and get more loot, then it is worth breaking the wall in the large hall by Aard, which will allow you to get into the cave near the crypt. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just stand next to the pen put your controller down live your life for a few hours and come back and they should have gone in by themselves (this is what I had to do, this quest was poorly thought especially with geralts sporadic movements. Witold will tell the witcher that you definitely need to dress up for a feast, and a filthy caftan does not fit - you just need kunshut. As it turned out, Shani cannot see or hear the spirit. Axii them, then start walking. View Comments. So, if you want to win, select a deck appropriately, and if you do not want to lose, then it is better to save in advance. [Spoiler] HoS Dead Man's Party. Or send it back. Let's go to the detailed passage of the task.. Review of the quest "Dead Man's Party" To advance on the plot we are sent to Oxenfurt to meet with Shani. 4. Agree, refuse, or flirt with the beautiful - it's your business. TOP 10 - Best computer Gaming Desk | Gamer Command Center, Best Gaming Lapboards - 2020 | Comparison the Best | xGamers, Best Gaming Laptop for $1000 - 2020 | Comparison Table | Buyer’s Guide | xGamers, The Witcher 3 Console Command | List Cheat Codes | How to enable the console, An Eye for an Eye Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, The Witcher 3: Shani's House Location | Who is Shani and How to Find Her, Quest "Unpaid debt" in the game The Witcher: the passage and consequences of choice, Now or Never Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Best choice | All endings, Witcher 3 Whispering Hillock | Best choice, A Deadly Plot - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, Fencing Lessons Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | All Endings, Reason of State Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences. Mine was level 3, Okay interesting. Shani agrees, but even after that, Witold does not go anywhere and continues to stand up. In the dialogue, take off, you can choose any answer options, it will not affect anything.

8. After this entertainment, Witold will complain to Shani that he is lonely, and there is no way to approach the girl. Whether you win or lose, the girl will still be disappointed in the new cavalier and retire. If you manage to herd the pigs into the pens without using axii, you get the Swineherder trophy for Roach. Having found the grave we need, you can proceed to the Ritual.

3. Sign up to get the best content, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. With 3, no problem being at too low a level. Have a drink, take part in the village fun and draw back.

28. After Shani leaves, the ghost will leave Geralt's body and ask what their relationship with the girl is. 10. https://witcher.gamepedia.com/Dead_Man%27s_Party?oldid=410795, Talk to Shani about the von Everec family crypt (78, Meet Shani in front of the von Everec family crypt, Use your Witcher Senses to explore the von Everec family crypt, Spread the incense in every room of the crypt, Light the main votive to continue the ritual, Defeat the wraiths of dead von Everecs (52, Meet Shani by the farm where the wedding will be held (52, Take part in the wedding activities until midnight, Drive the pigs into the pen (2 pigs) (104, Fish Shani's shoe out of the lake and give it to her, Give Shani the shoe you fished out of the lake for her (26, Play a game of gwent against the dwarves (no journal entry), User your Witcher Senses to find the fire swallower (40+40, Escort the fire swallower back to the wedding, Protect the fire swallower from the "bear" (106, Go to the barn for the capping ceremony (104, Inform Olgierd the task has been completed (78.

Selecting the options “And you didn’t say that you are getting married” and “To whose wedding” we learn that Shani will soon go to the wedding of a friend. Defeat the wraiths as they appear. Witold will certainly be delighted with this development of events, but the trouble is that spirits cannot contact people and objects. 5. Interesting fact. Next Main quests A Midnight Clear Prev Main quests Evil's Soft First Touches. Fortunately, she got out of the canals unharmed and has already done research with mined mucus, which will be the main ingredient for the medicine.

Witold will be upset by such a “focus”, and the performer’s soul will be hurt. 0:00.

Having dealt with the spirits, finally, the one who we need, or rather Witold von Everek, will appear. Meet Shani in front of the von Everec family crypt. The loser will also have to wear donkey ears until the end of the festival. At this point, Shani will intervene and the ghost, returning to the body of the witcher, will declare that he will not go anywhere until Shani kisses him. In the game version 1.21 it could happen that at the very beginning of the assignment, the door to the hospital of Shani was closed. Arriving at the hospital and rising to the second floor, we will find the girl surrounded by soldiers of Redania.

Arriving at the estate, we notice Shani, who weaves a wreath at the wedding. Geralt will explain to the spirit the reason for the ritual: Olgred asked the witcher to cheer Vitold up somehow. Do check that they’re properly affected. You will, of course, complete the task in this way, but you will not receive any rewards - the organizers of the event will not like magic things. Use of xGamerss.com materials is allowed only if there is an active link to the source. This page was last edited on 21 October 2017, at 17:04. Defeat the wraiths of dead von Everecs.

... Also, as I recently found out. Having brought ourselves to the proper form, we will meet with Shani and finally go to the celebration.

This is probably the only case in the game when it is better to lose. From optional you can get from Shani to the attic, where Vitold is shy and will behave as if on a first date. At the end of the tracks we see a person sitting on a tree and a dog barking at him. 131k. Everything seemed to go smoothly, but then the girls' brothers appeared. It is better not to try to run on the pig or direct it, just go after it and after a certain time the pigs will go into the shed themselves.

What kind of fun is this - you can't take a weapon, a mug with a drink, too, a girl, while dancing, you will not embrace. Parents of the groom are asked to find a fire eater hired in Novigrad, who was driven by the groom's dog named Demon into the forest. Dead Man's Party is a main quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion. The essence of the fun is to drive the pigs marked with paint into the barn. In search of a solution, we offer the ghost to move into someone’s body. Now, that's not to say 3 isn't without its merits. The last event needed is the quest for the Fire Eater. The next fun for the plot is to get a slipper.

Post Comment. Strategy is something this game is certainly unfamiliar with, a disappointing departure after TW 2. 9. But the body of the candidacy of the witcher he would even like. Dead Man’s Party (Pigs) Help! To advance on the plot of the task, you must participate in the first four entertainments. After losing, you lose only five percent of your money and an accessory that will delight the girl. Witold will write a letter to his brother and ask Geralt to deliver it. Helpful advice. Welcome to the Witcher 3 Subreddit! You do not need to persuade Witold twice; he doesn’t even mind putting all the money that the witcher has on the line. Light the main votive to continue the ritual. Having finished them with the help of witcher's instincts, we begin to inspect the premises. You can also ask the spirit about the brother or find out how he died. Read the rules before posting, be respectful, and have fun! In addition, you can roll a couple of glasses or show what you are a master of dance.

True, on the way we will attack the “bear”. Having won, all you get is quite a bit of experience and not a crone.

The grave we need will be located to the right of the entrance and differ in that there is a saber on the rack next to it.

The remaining four - at your discretion, but if you want to get the achievement “Walk, Soul!”, Then you need to visit all the places. It is treated only by loading. Guint is an integral part of the game, and for many it is one of the most interesting, so let's start with it. While you are driving the fire-eater back to the village, a bug may occur in which a wild boar does not come running from the stream, but appears immediately and instantly kills the eater. If Geralt accepted Shani’s invitation to the wedding, the girl would immediately tell where they would meet and go home to prepare for the fun.

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