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"First, you gotta get the track and I ain’t talking about him just giving you the beat! ", XzibitCentral.com: Official Fan Site of Rapper & Pimp My Ride Host, Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Release New Serial Killers Project “Day Of The Dead”, https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.49028/title.xzibit-b-real-demrick-release-new-serial-killers-project-day-of-the-dead#. People come up and talk to me about that all the time, man. I like what I’m doin’ now.”. Everything else after that was independent. It’s referred to as the “Wild Wild West” for a reason. “I’m glad it had such a dope impact across the board with so many different people, you know. 4. Go. Xzibit, who worked extensively with Dr. Dre on his  Restless and Man Versus Machine albums years ago, continued, "First of all, he’s one of my mentors, someone I look up to and someone I always confided in when it comes to this music shit – and the personal shit too, I consider him a friend. One of those records was “What’s The Difference” featuring Eminem from Dre’s aforementioned solo album 2001. I know they probably will with another host or whatever. And he showed me a lot of things. To read or listen to the rest of the interview go to: http://proplayerinsiders.com/xzibit-hip-hop-super-star/. Hey, you’re doin it wrong, do it again. So all the things fell into place, Dr. Dre blessed the track and it was good to get Alkaholiks and King Tee in the studio one time. (W)e (A)re (R)eady I don’t think we’ve ever done a whole record like that! The Dr. Dre-produced record features early Xzibit mentors Tha Alkaholiks and King Tee, who joined him in the Likwit Crew. I always say my dad loved me the only way he knew how and that was through the marine corps. No, do it again.’ He’d say, ‘You’re doin’ it like this, I’m sayin’ do it like this.’ We’re not talking full verses either. 3. Hip Hop saved my life definitely. View the Serial Killers’ Day Of The Dead stream and tracklist below: 1. He’s also preparing to release his first solo album in six years, the tentatively titled King Maker. Eiht’s career kicked off in the early 90’s and he’s now part of an exclusive club of MCs that has attained decades of longevity. Like, ‘You stop right there and we gonna work on this sentence until I feel like it sounds like the way I want it to sound. “Part of the reason is that I was never on Aftermath,” he explains. On his recently-released album, Napalm, Xzibit attracted a lot of attention for his song "King Louis XIII." In terms of X’s recent musical output, the 44-year-old just put out a joint project with B-Real and Demrick called Day Of The Dead under the Serial Killers moniker. He’s one of a handful of artists to have not one but two albums associated with Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment imprint, a monumental feat considering Dre’s tendency to shelve them. What team are you rooting for this year? “Dre would always come across the street to wherever I was signed to, which was a pretty big deal because he was one Interscope’s biggest artists. “My albums came out through Loud Records. When I didn’t have an outlet to kick and scream, thank god I found Hip Hop because I would have been like everybody before me that succumb to pressures of life and kill somebody and just do something stupid, or jeopardize my freedom. “We still work hard not to try and get in where you fit in, but to try to sustain an audience as far as the quality you put into your music, the lyrics you pen or the heart you put into your work. 6. XZIBIT: I was raised with some of those values. Watch the full interview below: Xzibit sat down with ProPlayerInsiders.com where Xzibit talks about the new album Napalm, his favorite NFL team and the Throwback NFL Jersey's he has: Pro Player Insiders: On the title track, “Napalm,” you allude to US troops and filmed some of the music video clips in Iraq. What inspired you to use your song to reflect on the American troops? However, there’s one thing he’s not gonna do — and that’s a Pimp My Ride reboot. “And there was a spot there and he allowed me to spit a verse, and everybody agreed to it. Things Fall Apart, Source: https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.49028/title.xzibit-b-real-demrick-release-new-serial-killers-project-day-of-the-dead#. But after moving to Los Angeles, he was drawn to the pulse of the famous music city. The embattled rapper continues to maintain his innocence in July's shooting incident. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Xzibit talks Dr. Dre, Pimp My Ride, his new album "King Maker" and more. Turn back to the board, turn the music back up. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. 1”, Cypress Hill frontman B-Real, West Coast legend Xzibit, and Demrick return with their brand new sophomore album “The Murder Show”. 5. Day of the Dead Before X discovered Hip Hop, he was heading down a dark road, one littered with violence and drugs. To this day, he credits Hip Hop for providing salvation. Xzibit mentions that his 10th and final album will be titled 'The X Album' and this will be the final album as Xzibit the MC. But then at the end, you see what the outcome is.”. That was it. Go ahead. “Not to disqualify other influences or artists in Hip Hop, just this project was geared towards the sound where I first fell in love with West Coast music and Hip Hop though our interpretation. Listen here: http://www.audiomack.com/album/paperchaserdotcom/the-murder-show. “It’s my outlet,” X tells HipHopDX. "If u knew what it took u would work for everything you get," the holder of the Billboard 200 crown wrote. Producers are my Bluestamp camp, Ferhan C and Dee Ace. with it? My boy Theory Hazit lent his bangin’ sound.”. “So here’s an example of he likes you. The 27-track project is more no-nonsense West Coast gangsta rap Eiht and his group Compton’s Most Wanted have been pushing since they first picked up a mic. “It saved my life. It’s been a blessing.”. I think that’s why I was able to get that kind of production and be able to put it out through my resources and my label relationships.”. Ask About Me Done. After dropping their now classic debut album “Serial Killers Vol. Over the past two decades, X to the Z has become a permanent fixture in Hip Hop culture. New Serial Killers Mixtape (Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick) – The Murder Show – Listen Now! In 1998, Dre recruited him for Snoop Dogg’s “Bitch Please” single as well as Dre’s 1999 classic, 2001.

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