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It is obvious that their business relation turned into a love affair at some point, but that backstory is never explained (though, both are obviously lovers). Due to her Kherubim physiology, she does have enhanced strength, endurance, and stamina, making her handy in a fight. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. At this time Zealot was the Majestrix (i.e. While there the other Coda had wanted to kill her in hopes of making her a martyr for themselves.
Because of this Zealot swore never to use it again, but had to break her promise when she battled Tapestry many years after her original servitude. Not long after she joined the earth war between Kherubim and the Daemonites who wanted to take the planet over. This act made her disgusted with them and so, along with the rest of the team, she returned to Earth. Zealot joins with many of her ex-Wildcat teammates in an as of yet unofficial form of the group as they fight with Captain Atom. Due to this union she gave birth to a daughter named Kenesha. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Desmond merged with the device and the they find out that the Kherubim grew in power by enslaving species on planets and taking over that world and that Daemonites were a race that fought back against their control. In the escape the team loses two members and Zealot left the group.

She also further earned their contempt when she refused to kill her ally Artemis in a duel she had won. She arranged for the Coda to help the Greeks conquer Troy in exchange for 99 female babies to be raised as new coda. Zealotis a member of theWildCATS, a skilled femaleKherubimwarrior and founder of the group of female warriors known as theCoda. (1992). She did this as payment for Tapestry saving Kenesha’s life after having been poisoned. She was forced into servitude to Tapestry for 100 years in return for her daughter Kenesha (who did not know their true relation) surviving from being poisoned by the Coda. Zealot was recruited by Department PSI to be a part of Wildcore when they had to deal with a group of aliens known as the D'rahn.

She always wears tight red outfits, revealing her sex goddess body. Her past as an extraterrestrial war queen is obviously a psychotic delusion. Since her landing on Earth millennia ago, she spent her time developing her fighting and warring skills, making her one of the best warrior on Earth. Guided by revenge on his captors, Lobo plans on using his spacecraft called "The Ark" to destroy the earth. Team one fought Helspont intent on trying to stop him, even some of his own men tried to stop him after he betrayed them. Nemesis then defeated the Wildcats and Zealot in short order, but Majestic was able to defeat her. C $6.57 . Majestic requested her help after his time-travel adventure revealed a world controlled by the Daemonites. Zealot was disgusted and along with the rest of the team returned to Earth. “Zealot.

abdullah5122 During the battle Majestic made Zealot reveal that she was in fact Savant's mother and that he was her father. Lady Zannah, also known as Zealot, is from the planet Khera, where she was apart of one of the leading political/cultural groups known as The Coda. It was during this time that Zealot would be brought face to face with her old master Tapestry and the group she had hired. The two of them tried to get the kids to a safe place before they could blow up the village. It was only due to her (then) lover Stratos that she was able to survive, as he was able to get her into one of the ships rescue pods. She can lift around two tons with ease, is durable enough to survive small arms fire, and can heal from wounds that would be lethal to normal human beings.

Following after Armageddon, Zealot and the rest of the Wildcats fought all manner of mutations and beasts to bring refugees back to the Halo building in Los Angeles for safety. Source of Character: Image Comics (Wildstorm Universe). Tanjiro Kamado. In battle, she has Coda war paints on her face consisting of three red bands on each cheek and a red dot on the middle of her forehead. She instructed him on the secret ways of warfare according to Coda (further inducing the wrath of the rest of the Coda, and teaching men was taboo). This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Zealot is a member of the WildCATS, a skilled female Kherubim warrior and founder of the group of female warriors known as the Coda. Zealot is a deadly Kherubim warrior and super-hero in the Wildstorm Universe. Zealot is in a Coda Sisterhood building on the planet Khera, having retired there from Earth.

Zannah was also one of the few fertile Kherubim and therefore she was picked to mate with Lord Majestros of the other leading faction of Khera, The Pantheon. He intended to bring other Daemonites to Earth, but the team was able to stop his plan. When Majestic left Hawaii with Spartan to Asia, Zealot and Nemesis silently communicated each other through a training session of the problem. This time he wanted to bring Daemonites to Earth, they foiled his plans. If she didn’t, she’s part of those being re-educated on Paradise Island. or Best Offer. She did so with the promise of being given 99 baby girls for a new group of Coda.

Zealot later found her in 2005 killing members of the Brotherhood and taking a child from them. Show: WildCATS. The village was caught in an explosion and the rest of the team thought she was surely dead and so disbanded. Tapestry Their enemies had likewise been forced down, and though less humanoid, the Daemonites used their powers of possession and shapeshifting to blend in, too. Later, both of them joined the emerging team of superbeings, founded by Jacob Marlowe aka Lord Emp, another Kherubim lord. Sometime in 2005 Zealot caught up with her, who was killing Brotherhood members. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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